Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Oh right, I almost forgot. This is a weight loss blog. Huuummm!!! Still haven't been doing much about my weight loss goals ... just coasting along day after day eating whatever I feel like which invariably means that I eat breakfast and dinner and skip lunch. I'm going to New York on Thursday which doesn't bode well for my eating but does bode very well for my exercise.


  1. You are truly a world traveller! I was born in NYC, it is a great place to visit! You will have a blast!! Post photos, please!!!

  2. Wow - echoing Spidey... Assuming that it is NYC in America as opposed to New York somewhere in England.

    What will you be doing there? And I find that travel is the best form of exercise because the best way to get around? WALKING!

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  4. I hope you have a great time in NYC! I have been several times (family living there) and had very positive experiences. You'll definitely be doing a lot of walking, so no worries about the exercise!

    Thank you for the words of encouragement you left for me today. I'm happy to say that I'm feeling a lot better :)

    Looking forward to reading about your trip!

  5. So your having a good time right?

    New York is one of the places I'd like to visit one day

  6. YOu must still be in NY - or home and catching up like crazy. Thanks for coming by to visit, even if you didn't blog your own self. I check in on you!

    Hope you're having a great time!

  7. Ha ha, I know what you mean, there hasn't been much weight loss on my blog for a while!

    Hope NY was a blast! :-)


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