Monday, 26 April 2010

The thing about losing weight is that it brings along all sorts of little benefits, like increased mobility. Last week I went over to one of my students to demonstrate a technique. She was sitting and instead of dragging a chair up like I usually do, I spontaneously knelt down next to her AND got back up after I was done without the help of a crane. The thing is I didn't even realise that I'd done this until I was walking back to my desk and then I was well cuffed with myself!

Some of my colleagues have begun to notice my weight loss which brings along pluses and minuses. An obvious plus is that my efforts are paying off and my body is changing noticeably. A minus is that on two occasions when I've been asked what my goal weight is and given my answer. The people who have asked have freaked out, telling me that that's too low and launching into a mini lecture about why I shouldn't and couldn't possible go down to 55kgs=120lbs.

Firstly, I don't get why anyone would care what weight I decide I want to be, I mean to each her own, right? Secondly, it's not like 55kgs is bordering on anorexic ... and I didn't just pull the figure out of my ass. Based on the various weight height charts used by doctors and insurance companies, at 162.5cm = 5'3" my recommended weight is between 50-61kgs =111-135lbs. In addition, 55kgs was the weight I've felt the most comfortable at and all the doctors I've ever had, have agreed that it is a reasonable weight for me. Most importantly for me however, it is the weight range of women in my height range, who experience the lowest mortality. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd rather be in the group with the the lowest mortality rate that not. Now, I wasn't going to say all that as a response to the mini-lectures, because I just hate feeling like I need to justify myself to anyone. Instead, I smiled and nodded and changed the subject as soon as I possibly could. I think my strategy in the future if I'm ever asked that particular question again, will be to avoid giving a figure and simply say: 'that's in my doctor's hands'.

Anyway, on to more exciting things, I've been drinking my 3 liters (12 8oz cups) of water everyday. My little system of drinking just one cup in the hour, made things very manageable and made me realise that maybe I was struggling before because I was trying to drink too much at once. This isn't to say that I'm now a happy water drinker, it just means that for now I have found a satisfactory system that seems to be keeping me on track and my reward ... drum roll here please ... was to lose 2.2kgs = almost 5bls. this week. WOW!!! Guess my counsellor was right, I needed to drink more water. This means I've reached and surpassed my first weight goal to reach 85kgs. YAY!!!

My plan this week is to get on the elliptical for 1/2 hr M, W, F and continue walking 10,000 steps on T, Th and possibly S,S. My elliptical is on my balcony and it was so lovely this morning being outdoors in the fresh Spring air watching life return to the garden.

P.S. I'm now 84kgs = about 185lbs.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Last week was a bit giddy for me. I don't know what got into me but I went on a bit of a shopping spree the entire week. Nothing huge - some shoes, audio books, costume jewelry, hair products, cosmetics, art magazines - but enough to put a small dent in my savings. :(

Now, I should say that I'm not a shopper. I go for months and months without buying anything, and my idea of hell is any High Street or any Mall anywhere, anytime ... so I have to put my momentary insanity down to spring fever or euphoria at seeing my weight finally going down consistently or great sex (ahem) or just general happiness in being alive. I dunno but what I do know is that I have to find another way to express my giddiness ... maybe it's time to up the exercise.

Got weighed in today and lost .8kgs = 1.7lbs. I'll take that!!! My counsellor was a little surprised that it wasn't more. She says I'm not drinking enough water and wants me to consume 3liters = 12 80z glasses daily. WHAT!!! At that quantity, I'll have to move into the toilet. Let me just say for the record, I HATE drinking water ... as a matter of fact I'm not big on liquids period. I know, I know we need water to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah .... Knowing that I need to drink it for my health and well being doesn't make it any easier to get it down my throat, okay? So now I've devised a new schedule just for water drinking. 1 cup on the hour for 12 hours. Sounds very good in theory, let's see if I can get through the week.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Man let me tell you, I ♥ Spring!!! Winter in Britain is hard on a girl, especially a Caribbean girl like moi. All that dark and damp is enough to make me wish I could just go to sleep in October and not wake up until the first cherry blossom tree blooms in April ... humm ... that would be an excellent weight loss strategy as well.

Anyway, Spring has arrived ... no matter it is as cold as a witch's tit ... the days are lengthening, the sun is putting in an occasional appearance, the birds are singing, flowers are blooming everywhere and I've lost yet another kilo. Tell me, what more could a girl ask for?

This week, thanks to Rosa I dug my pedometer out of the back of the drawer, reset it and clipped it on. I set the goal for myself of walking no less than 5,000 steps everyday this week and am happy to say that I did that and much more most days. Meeting my goal did require that some days, like Saturday and Sunday when I wasn't planning to go anywhere, I actually had to take myself outside for a short walk just to get my 5,000 steps in. Made me realise quite how sedentary my life is. As the weather changes and I get lighter, I'm sure I'm going to be getting back into some of my old passions like tennis and tango and maybe I'll start kick boxing, something I've always wanted to try. We'll see. For now though I'm just glad that I've begun to get some gentle daily exercise.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

My brand new ... well more like 6 month old ... wedding band no longer fits. It flew off my finger and across the room this weekend. Luckily I was indoors and was able to retrieve it. I'll have to get a ring guard to make it stay on my hand or give up wearing it or ... does anyone have any suggestions?

Anyway, we spend Easter Sunday and Monday with my in-laws. Had a great time in general but had a bit of a wobble with my food. Still managed to lose 1 kilo (roughly 2lbs) which I'm really happy about. I'm slowly inching my way to my first goal, 85kgs. Really need to find new ways though to cope with social anxiety other than talking or eating too much.