Monday, 12 April 2010

Man let me tell you, I ♥ Spring!!! Winter in Britain is hard on a girl, especially a Caribbean girl like moi. All that dark and damp is enough to make me wish I could just go to sleep in October and not wake up until the first cherry blossom tree blooms in April ... humm ... that would be an excellent weight loss strategy as well.

Anyway, Spring has arrived ... no matter it is as cold as a witch's tit ... the days are lengthening, the sun is putting in an occasional appearance, the birds are singing, flowers are blooming everywhere and I've lost yet another kilo. Tell me, what more could a girl ask for?

This week, thanks to Rosa I dug my pedometer out of the back of the drawer, reset it and clipped it on. I set the goal for myself of walking no less than 5,000 steps everyday this week and am happy to say that I did that and much more most days. Meeting my goal did require that some days, like Saturday and Sunday when I wasn't planning to go anywhere, I actually had to take myself outside for a short walk just to get my 5,000 steps in. Made me realise quite how sedentary my life is. As the weather changes and I get lighter, I'm sure I'm going to be getting back into some of my old passions like tennis and tango and maybe I'll start kick boxing, something I've always wanted to try. We'll see. For now though I'm just glad that I've begun to get some gentle daily exercise.


  1. I wrecked my pedometer in the washing machine, bought another and have lost it...I will get another one soon, ( she says looking at the treadmill behind me), I need to up the exercise bog time!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments, much appreciated. I have never tried a pedometer, you have given me an idea.

  3. I have a friend who does 10,000 steps a day! Apparently that is how much the Amish walk in a day and they rarely have a weight problem. Baby steps, though. 5,000 a day is probably a good place to start and build from there. I don't have a pedometer, but perhaps I should invest in one?

    I'd forgotten you were a tango girl! Did you dance after your marriage vows?

  4. When I get lighter, I want to start doing the R WORD. Don't say it...Ha!

    Yayyy for spring and that you're enjoying walking!

  5. Spring is gorgeous isn't it? Well done on your kilo off and well done on the walking. Build up gradually and you'll be amazed how much you can fit it.

    Lesley x

  6. You are heading into Spring and we are racing into Winter...*sigh* I must get myself another pedometer...they are very motivating:)


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