Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Bringing my attention back to weight loss

Yesterday I noticed that it was no longer dark at 4pm and today I saw some snowdrops peeking up above the brown soil. It may still be a long way off but spring is on its way. That makes my heart sooooooo glad.

I finally went to see my counsellor for an official weigh in and here are my updated stats:

  • 16th March 2010: 94.5kgs/208lbs
  • 1st February 2011: 71.7kgs/158lbs (3.2kgs/7lbs higher than my lowest weight last year of 68.5kgs/151lbs)
  • Total weight loss to date: 23kgs/50lbs
  • Total weight left to lose to reach goal: 16.7kgs/38lbs
I know that I've done my health a great service by dropping that 23kgs/5olbs from my frame and I feel phenomenal with it gone. I would now love to lose that last 16.7kgs/38lbs. by June and I really think I can do it with a bit more attention to my food and exercise routine.