Friday, 31 August 2007

Day 241

This is going to be a quicky post but I need to check in to say that I am just feeling physically better and better everyday and better about myself. Not because I have lost any weight yet (I haven't weighed myself so I don't know) but more because taking care of myself makes me feel so self-loving, so strong and in control of my life, so responsible and self-respecting.

I had a really great day yesterday. Ate exactly what I'd planned to. Had 6 cups of water and even made it to the gym. Used the elliptical trainer for 30 minutes and burnt 400 calories as well as walked about 8,000 steps.

Life is good!!!

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Day 242

Had another good day where I stuck to my food plan and got in over 7,000 steps walking. Drank more water too, though not as much as I planned to.

I feel really luck to have such a supportive boyfriend. This week he has been preparing all my meals for me, reminding me to drink water and has been going on walks with me. It's his way of helping me ease into the process and I am really grateful. It has made it that much easier for me to focus on staying on track and not get to overwhelmed.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Day 243

Another Day!!! Yipee!!!

If you are wondering at the strange day count in the title, I decided it might be more motivating if I gave myself a specific time to reach my goal and then count down to that time. My goal is to lose 1 kilo per week for 35 weeks which (in a perfect world) would bring me to 55kgs. around the end of April.

I am feeling really good today, much more motivated and not so sluggish. I have not made it to the gym but have been walking a little. Registered over 5,000 on the pedometer thing yesterday.

I need to increase my water intake. It is so hard for me to drink liquids - don't like soft drinks in any form, don't like coffee, can only drink tea when in the mood, which usually means when having biscuits or scones with jam. LOL!!!. I just never seem to get thirsty, so drinking water under normal conditions is very hard. I know it is critical though, so I'm going to try for my 8 cups this way: I have these beautiful glasses that hold two cups each, so if I have one of those before breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner then I'm set. I'll try ....

Spidey, suggested I check out to keep track of my calorie intake. Think this is an excellent idea. I have a fancy scale that calculates the calories of the food I weigh, but it doesn't have all the foods so when I look them up on calorie counter I can add them to the scale.

Okay, I'm off ...

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Day 2

Ok, so I have had a successful first day and I am now on Day 2.

It is soooooo hard not to eat whatever I want to eat, whenever I want to eat it. I am a sugar eater. Not really into binging any more, much prefer to graze on sweet things. The first day is always the hardest because a little voice often tells me that I can eat something sweet and start again the next day. I have been doing that practically all year. Groan.

I haven't started back at the gym yet, but I did put on my pedometer and when I checked it last night, I'd walked over 4,000 steps. That's a beginning right?

Perhaps I'll write my food down for now.

150 g (5oz) of yogurt
28 g (1oz) of tvp
1 cup of fruit

57 g (2oz) of cheese
2 cups of salad
1 tbls dressing

140 g(5oz) of quorn
1 cup cooked veg
2 cups salad
2 tbls fat

Optional snack (150 yogurt or 28g nuts)

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Day 1 - Again!!!

I fell off the wagon only 3 days after getting on. My mother came to visit and that just did me in. One day I will write a long post about my mother. I am convinced that at least some ... maybe a large part ... of my eating has to do with trying to nurture myself in the face of ineffective parenting.

Anyway, I don't want to dwell on that right now. I want to thank Abba, Celtic Girl, Livy, Lyn, Melissa and Spidey for welcoming me to the blogging weight loss community and supporting my fledgling efforts to face my eating/weight/health demons. Much appreciated!!!

I decided to start fresh so I have deleted my three previous posts and have resurrected the first one with the photos and a little background info.

I have been overweight for most of my life and I have hated it.

When I was in my mid 20's I went into Overeaters Anon. and lost all the weight and kept if off for a number of years even after I left OA. Slowly over the past 7 years though, I have put it all back on.

I am ashamed of the way I look now and am very uncomfortable in my body. My health is beginning to be affected by my poor eating habits, lack of exercise and obesity.

I want to live a full life in a healthy body. This means that I have to change my behaviour in order to lose the excess weight.

My plan is to do what has worked for me before. Eat three low carb. weighed and measured meals and one snack per day if needed, drink 8 cups of water everyday, take my vitamins, exercise, get plenty of rest and meditate.

The only other thing that I am going to add is that, I have noticed a pattern in my attempts at weight loss. I deprive myself of sweet stuff every time I start a weight loss program, then at some point, I eat something sweet and then feel guilty and go on a huge binge of only sweet stuff as though I am trying to fill up because I'll never be able to have something sweet again once I restart my weight loss program.

I think this time around, I am going to allow myself the option of have one monthly treat and see if this alleviates that sense of deprivation. Anyone have any thoughts on this?