Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Day 2

Ok, so I have had a successful first day and I am now on Day 2.

It is soooooo hard not to eat whatever I want to eat, whenever I want to eat it. I am a sugar eater. Not really into binging any more, much prefer to graze on sweet things. The first day is always the hardest because a little voice often tells me that I can eat something sweet and start again the next day. I have been doing that practically all year. Groan.

I haven't started back at the gym yet, but I did put on my pedometer and when I checked it last night, I'd walked over 4,000 steps. That's a beginning right?

Perhaps I'll write my food down for now.

150 g (5oz) of yogurt
28 g (1oz) of tvp
1 cup of fruit

57 g (2oz) of cheese
2 cups of salad
1 tbls dressing

140 g(5oz) of quorn
1 cup cooked veg
2 cups salad
2 tbls fat

Optional snack (150 yogurt or 28g nuts)


  1. You're back on track and that's the main thing. Let's do this together!

  2. check out calorie-count.com and you can track your calorie intake daily. That helps I think.

    Good luck with everything. Remember one step at a time will get you there.

  3. Good on you for having another go! Thanks for the comments on my blog and the support!
    Like Liv said .... lets do this together!!

  4. A great counter as well is www.fitday.com - I have been using it lately and it's also easy to use. It does help to see your day laid out for you. :)

  5. Thanks for all you support and encouragement. It really helps!!! I am feeling very positive!!!


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