Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Day 243

Another Day!!! Yipee!!!

If you are wondering at the strange day count in the title, I decided it might be more motivating if I gave myself a specific time to reach my goal and then count down to that time. My goal is to lose 1 kilo per week for 35 weeks which (in a perfect world) would bring me to 55kgs. around the end of April.

I am feeling really good today, much more motivated and not so sluggish. I have not made it to the gym but have been walking a little. Registered over 5,000 on the pedometer thing yesterday.

I need to increase my water intake. It is so hard for me to drink liquids - don't like soft drinks in any form, don't like coffee, can only drink tea when in the mood, which usually means when having biscuits or scones with jam. LOL!!!. I just never seem to get thirsty, so drinking water under normal conditions is very hard. I know it is critical though, so I'm going to try for my 8 cups this way: I have these beautiful glasses that hold two cups each, so if I have one of those before breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner then I'm set. I'll try ....

Spidey, suggested I check out to keep track of my calorie intake. Think this is an excellent idea. I have a fancy scale that calculates the calories of the food I weigh, but it doesn't have all the foods so when I look them up on calorie counter I can add them to the scale.

Okay, I'm off ...

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  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog - much appreciated. I will be keeping an eye on you - and I will be in your corner cheering you on!! Let's make it happen!


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