Monday, 23 June 2008

I can't believe how long I have stayed away from this blog and your blogs. My goals are the same though: To Return to My Ideal Weight of 55kgs. I've gotten mighty distracted over the past two months though. Yikees!!!

My food has been rather 'rich' and I haven't been exercising so undoubtedly I've regained some weight though I don't know how much because you know how much I hate to face the scale. I am still wearing my UK 14 trousers but it isn't loose like it was a few months ago.

Nevertheless, it's time to move forward again, so here I am. I've planned a nice easy week focused on detoxing and cleansing and 1/2 hr daily on my elliptical trainer. James brought home a brochure from the local library advertising a free weight care programme and support group. I might check it out. We'll see ....


  1. I think we all get like that sometimes. I know I'm guilty of the same at the moment.

    You have the right attitude though and will soon be on the bad wagon again.

  2. So, it's been a two-month vacation, has it? Hopefully the damage isn't much and you can get right back on track. The fact that you haven't had to ditch your smaller pants is encouraging!


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