Friday, 21 September 2007

Day 220

Quote for today: "Life without love is like a tree without blossom and fruit." Kahlil Gibran

It's Friday night and I am at home alone because my honey works on Friday from 10pm -9am. In his absence my Friday night ritual use to involve copious amounts of chocolate, but now instead I am sitting listening to the radio and writing this post and I don't feel any need whatsoever for chocolate.

Christine asked me about agave in her last comment. Agave is nectar found in a type of cactus found in Mexico. It has a very low glycemic index so it is absorbed in the bloodstream slowly and does not significantly raise blood sugar levels in the way that sugar or artificial sweeteners do. For more information click here. I use it in my plain yogurt to satisfy my sweet tooth.

A few people have mentioned that they like tofu. I eat a fair amount of it because I am a vegetarian. I have been for most of my life. Don't worry I don't try to convert others, not do I view vegetarianism as a morally superior choice. It's just a choice I made a long time ago and one that I am happy with. I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian which is the most common kind of vegetarian. This means that I will eat dairy products and eggs (though I don't really like eggs unless they are disguised in things like ... well ... cake.) LOL!!!

At various times in my life I have tried veganism which is the exclusion of anything from an animal, but this was much harder for me to practice so I went back to lacto-ovo vegetarianism. I also buy 99% organic foods. I looooooove tofu raw in salads and cooked in my soup. My favourite lunch right now is tofu, miso soup, with seaweed and other leafy vegetables. There is also something, I've only come across here in England called Quorn which I like as well. A nutritionist I use to go to turned me on to total greek yogurt and I am addicted to it. Of course I am eating the full fat whereas she recommended the 2% or 0% fat but I am not ready to let go of the full fat yet.

By now you might have noticed that I eat pretty much the same thing everyday. This is because I am COMPULSIVE OBSESSIVE. LOL!!! Seriously, one of my really bad habits is that when I like something I eat it over and over and over again until I am sick of it and then I go on to the next thing and I repeat the behaviour. I have noticed the same thing in other areas of my life as well. If I like a song,I put it on replay and leave it there for days, weeks until I am sick of it and then I move on to the next one, and the same thing with clothes. If I like something I will wear and wash over and over until it disintegrates. LOL!!! As I said, I am Compulsive Obsessive. At least my compulsions are relatively harmless ... I think.

Anyway, I am gearing myself up to vary my food a little more next month, now that I am beginning to feel a little more steady.

B - 395
1 cup of yogurt - 260
2 kiwi - 92
1 tbls of agave - 43

L- 300
85 grams of houmous - 190
2 cups of vegetable soup- 110

S- 190
85 grams of houmous - 190

D - 343
56 grams of cheese - 228
3 cups mixed vegetables - 115

Calories - 1228
Exercise - moved to Saturday

4 cups of water


  1. Thanks for the info - much appreciated. :) Good for you for steering clear of the chocolate. Thats a great accomplishment. Take care.

  2. It's so much fun finding out more about you. I think I could have been a vego, but now I have married a Cattle farmer, I don't think I have a chance! I grew up on an organic farm, and I HATE chemicals in all parts of my life. My youngest daughter has NEVER even had a baby wipe touch her skin. Pretty cool huh? I do walk the middle line, but organic is best I reckon. Very hard to get organic food here though. My Mum publishes an organic gardening mag.

  3. Well done on having a chocolate free friday night...
    how do you eat the hommous??? I love it ..but with rice crackers or corn chips... not alone....

  4. If there are certain foods or meals that you like there is nothing wrong with eating the same thing every day. Like you, I do that too. Sometimes I will literally eat the same foods for months and then change to some other favorites. There is safety in knowing the calories and values of what you are eating...


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