Monday, 3 September 2007

Day 238

Today I celebrate exactly one week of being on my program of weight loss. I am so happy that I have been able to make one week. Yeah!!!

I should mention that I am not going to be weighing in every week. I am going to weigh in once a month for two reasons. I can't handle the stress of weighing every week, especially because I am traditionally a slow loser and I'm afraid of becoming disheartened this early in the game or just as bad becoming completely obsessed. Neither of which are too hard for me to do. LOL!!!

Anyway, I have joined Christine's September Challenge and as part of it I am writing out my food every day and my exercise. Will create a side bar for my score soon.

B - 391
1 cup of yogurt - 260
1 cup of nectarines - 88
1 tbls of agave - 43

L - 483
1 cup of yogurt - 260
1 cup of salad - 20
2 tbls. of wheat germ - 70
1 tbls. dressing - 90
1 tbls of agave - 43

D - 464
5 oz of vegetarian mince - 140
3 cups of mixed vegetables - 105
2 tbls. fat - 219 (Wow, this is too many calories from fat. Will have to watch that in the future.)

Calories for today - 1338
1/2 hour on the elliptical trainer - 400cals burnt
6 cups of water, hopefully I can get in another two cups before bed.


  1. Go for you! Its past supper here and I have been on track yet again today. Two days in a row - I am surprising even myself! Take care of yourself - I am off to the casino right away - cross your toes for me.

  2. I think that Christine's approach, one day at a time, is a good one. Mentally, you only have to be good today. And tomorrow... you have to be good TODAY.

    I haven't officially joined, but I should. I'm also listing food and exercise each day now. Keeps me accountable.

  3. Good to read your plan. Stick to what feels right and what works. Sometimes I weigh myself every day and it is motivating. Sometimes once a week is enough. The key to weighing yourself is to make sure that you are not back-sliding between weigh-ins.

    do your best, I will try to do my best to lose weight too.


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