Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Day 187 - I'm Totally Fab, You're Totally Fab

In the midst of my pain and anger something really nice brightened my day. The blogging sensation of the Australian outback Livy awarded yours truly the :
Thank you Livy!!!

I get to choose up to 5 bloggers I think are totally fabulous. Drum roll please ... and the Fabulous Award goes to :

Abba - because she somehow pulled herself out of the depths of despair and got herself back on the road to losing weight; because she is a kind and supportive woman and is living proof that you can't keep a good woman down for long.

Iron-Man - because he is super funny, honest, direct, insightful, naughty, ironic, features a weekly round-up of weight-loss winners and is a great example of why you should never judge a man by his weight.

Livy - because she is real and courageous; because she wears her heart on her sleeve ,is passionately about life, can laugh at herself, doesn't bull-shit or take bull-shit, is funny, supportive and kind-hearted, full of ideas and dreams, is charting her own destiny under extremely challenging conditions and is a great role model for her two little girls. (Sorry Livy, I know you've already gotten it, we can make you my unofficial selection if you want)

Sayre - because ... well, she is Sayre; she rock climbed with her husband in her wedding dress (how cool is that) is balanced, level-headed, fair, determined; is devoted to her family, is taking a really healthy approach to helping her son with his eating/weight issues, and writes so beautifully about her workout sessions that when I read her posts I feel like grabbing some weights and getting to work.

Willow - have you seen this woman in action? Oh my God, you have got to visit her blog. She is not playing around . She is a woman on a serious mission who is winning the battle of the bulge one meal at a time in English and in Dutch. Very Inspiring!!!

B - 311
52 g oatmeal - 200
50g of soymilk - 31
20g raisins - 80

L - 335
1 goat cheese frittata - 235
2 cups of Salad - 50
Dressing - 50

S - 418
25 g dried banana - 80
30 g nuts - 183
250g of soymilk - 155

D - 170
James cooked a really nice dinner but I couldn't eat it, the pain has been so erratic today. He ended up blending the vegetables into a mushy mess, and I let them go to room temperature and then I sucked them down like a toothless baby.
3 cups of vegetables - 170

Calories - 1234 calories
Exercise - 1 1/2 hrs of tennis
H2O - 32 oz water


  1. Wow! Thank you, Nona! I'm not feeling terribly inspirational these days - just like I'm slogging along is more apt. I need to pep myself up and put some enthusiasm back into my days.

    I'll be honest - these issues with my son (and they are deeper than what I feel like I can blog about publicly with my family reading) are very difficult. It's not only taken a toll on my workout schedule but also on my marriage. We're trying some new approaches and I'm hopeful that I will be feeling like my normal self again soon - and that my son will feel like himself again too.

    Somedays, reading you and my other weightloss buddy blogs is all that keeps me going!

  2. Nona, I am speechless.

    By now I have put You and Sayre on a special Blog hopping regime, trying to hop by to read every day. And so I read your entry for today, 25th, like mine an account for what you had to eat today. As I did not get around to it yesterday, I scrolled down to read the enry, saw your award and smiled big, then it happened, it mentioned me, my name.

    How special is that, how extraordinary amazingly wonderfully fantastically GREAT. Thank you lovely Nona, it means very very much.

    *hugs warmly and leaves an equally warm hug for Sayra before I hop on over to her blog, concerned*


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