Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Day 167

Okay, so Ms. Livy over at The Meanderings of a Woman's Outback Life tagged me and so I gotta reveals some deep dark secrets:

Four dishes I like to cook:
Four is really stretching it, but I guess I would have to go for the few dishes I have mastered (I am counting deserts in here)
Sweet bread (made with coconut)
Vegetarian Chili

Four qualities I love in people:
It's really hard to keep it to four but I guess I'd have to go for:

Four places I have been:
Don't know where to begin, so I'll choose places that begin with M just for the hell of it:
Montreal, Canada
Mississippi, USA

Four things in my bedroom:
Birth control (LOL)
Photo of my only niece, James and I
La Main de Fatima
Nighttime reads - at the moment, Grace Paley and Maya Angelou

Four dirty words I like to use (and wish I didn't say as often)
Okay, I am a complete dual personality. In the outside world I almost never swear, but at home I am the worse foul mouth you can imagine. When I am talking to James or a very close friend about someone who pissed me off, I usually say, whether I am talking about men or women:
F**ker - as in, "that f**ker had the nerve to ..."
Tosser - as in "that f**king tosser had the nerve to ..."
B**ch - as in " that f**king b**ch had the nerve to ..."
I also sometimes say, "Oh shite!!! as an exclamation.

I'm choosing the following people to be TAGGED, YOU'RE IT. Please answer the prompts by cut and pasting the above and replace my answers with your own:

Celtic Girl
Iron Man

B - 402
1 banana - 60
50 g dried fruit - 82
52 g oatmeal - 200
100 g soymilk - 60

L - 439
52 g goat cheese - 204
6 stuffed vine leaves - 235

S - 245
250 yogurt - 245

D - 560
200 g Goat cheese and onion quiche - 400
225 g carrot & swede - 160

Calories - 1646 - yikes!!!
Exercise - 0 - have been just too swamped this week to get to the gym or tennis, we'll see how tomorrow goes.
H2O - 32 oz


  1. You say "Yikes!" but I'm wondering what your calorie range is. When I was working out all the time, I should have been eating between 1500 and 2000 calories. Because you can't build muscle or have stamina if you don't feed yourself. So I'm curious how you set your intake level!

    I'll do your tag, but it may be a few days. I have so many projects in the air at the moment that I'm finding it difficult to even come visit some days....

  2. Four dishes I like to cook:
    Grilled flat iron steak with parmesian-garlic crust
    Chicken Fahitas
    Grilled Pork Chops with Blackberry Sauce
    Cereal w/cold milk

    Four qualities I love in people:
    Sense of Humor

    Four places I have been:
    Perth, Scotland
    Manchester, England
    London, England
    Oogalala, Nebraska

    Four things in my bedroom:
    Too Many DVD's
    Stair Stepper

    Nighttime reads
    Your Negro Tour Guide
    Women Who Run With The Wolves
    Interracial Dating Book for Black Women Who have Had it with Trifling Negroes

    Four dirty words I like to use
    God dammit (when I say it, it is a request)
    F**k All!
    Son of a Horsin' B**th!

    haha! that was fun! Guess I'll tag TS!!

    I agree with sayre - add a few more calories in protein and see how you feel. If you don't eat enuf, you set yourself up for cheating in the long run!

    You can do it.....

    Hey check out the new pic - that was after a big meal and a couple of glasses of wine! next time I will pose first!


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