Thursday, 1 November 2007

Day 179

Well, another day of struggling to survive the pain in my mouth that radiates through my head. LOL!!!

Dentist no 1 has been treating me and I must say he has been just lovely. He is a very conservative and cautious dentist. Doesn't want to do any procedures that are not called for. As it happens there are two teeth that had "problems" on my right side. The one that dentist no. 2 wanted to root canal and charge me the earth for turns out to have had only a small crack which had allowed some bacteria in. Dentist no 1 cleaned it and stuffed it with medicine and dressed it temporarily because he wanted to see if I would continue to have pain. It's been just fine and so he will fill it permanently on Monday. However another tooth on the same side seems to have been the really culprit in my saga of pain. He removed the filling and because the nerve was exposed he performed a partial root canal. I say partial because the other root in the tooth had blocked itself (apparently teeth do that to protect themselves against bacteria). It may flare up in the future or may not. He also stuffed this tooth with medicine and temporarily filled it. It hurts like hell and I am on antibiotics and painkillers until he sees me on Monday to finish treatment on it. So far the two teeth have cost me only £180 and should not be more that £100 more for the fillings on Monday.

It's been very hard to eat my regular foods with all this drama going on in my mouth. I tried some solids after my procedure on Tuesday which turned out to be a big mistake, as soon as I bit down on the tooth that had the root canal, it began to throb and hasn't stopped since. So it's back to soft foods and liquids for me. I'm so afraid of screwing up my metabolism even more than it already is by not eating enough but I'll just have to do the best I can and let the chips fall where they may.

B - 338
250 ml soy milk - 155
250 ml fruit juice - 183

L - 470
260 g of wild mushroom & goat cheese frittata - 470

D - 460
2 yogurts - 400
2 cupsV8 tomato juice- 60

Calories - 1268 calories
Exercise - cleaned my home - not much but counts for something, right?
H2O - 48 oz


  1. Oh Sweets, that is terriable that you are still hurting... but I am glad you didn't have to fork out all that money. David and I are both going to the dentist on Monday, so we will see how we go. You can still eat porridge, chocolate mouse, yogurt, scrambled eggs.. I can think of lots of soft foods you dont' have to chew. You'll be ok. Hang in there, not much longer, and all will be well. *kisses Nona on cheek*

  2. I am so happy this dentist is working out for you. I can't imagine the pain you must be going through though. I would rather have pain in my limbs than in my mouth or teeth. Hang in there. You will come out just fine.

  3. I hate tooth problems. When you have those, nothing else works either. I'm glad you're going back on Monday... Fingers crossed for total relief!!!!

    I've been down with a really bad cold this week. My nose hurts, my back hurts (coughing), my throat hurts, my head hurts. No exercise at all, but I'm not eating much either.

    Where's my horse? I need to get back on it!!!!


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