Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Day 140

Boy do bad habits die hard. My term has ended and I have begun my late night forays again. I am so off right now it's just tragic. There is absolutely no good reason for me to be up at 4am. doing God knows what. F***ing around truth be told. I have always liked the wee hours of the morning when the world outside is asleep, but it's a dangerous time, yeah? Food can walk into my mouth. LOL!!! I have to laugh right now or I'd cry.

250/8 oz yogurt- 245
16 oz/470ml H2O

250/8 oz yogurt- 245

250/8 oz yogurt- 245

Eight sushi rolls again (told you I was compulsive, had to make them again)
Organic (LOL) Chocolate pudding
2 chocolates
16 oz/470ml H2O

Calories - 735 + dinner which I don't have calories info. for
Exercise - 0 :(
H2O - 32oz :(

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  1. It's probably the anticipation of you leaving for fun in the sun soon!

    Next time you get up at 4a, jump the the eliptical instead of going to the fridge! ;p


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