Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Day 111

Oh noooooooooo! I've got computer blues. My sweet little Mac laptop has gone to sleep and won't wake up. I am taking her to the doctor's tomorrow and hopefully she can make her better because I can't live without her. :(


  1. Hope you get it fixed. It would be bad not to get regular updates from you. I really look forward to them.

  2. My macbook did the same and I got it working again by taking the battery out and plugging in the power cord then putting the battery back in.

    Hope it works again for ya!

  3. Hello there! Just wanted to say I like yr blog a lot. Visit it daily but never posted before. I too am on the weight loss journey, started out with 50 kgs 2 lose...lost close to 40 of those, so I'm on the last stretch here. Keep up the great work.Karine
    PS: I was just in london last month but I live in NYC

  4. who is the pic of the gorgeous person?! oh wait, I'm not used to seeing a pic of you with a head!

    Still looking good, girl!

  5. Kick it to the curb. No quitters. Toss it out the window of your car as you are going 175 mph!


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