Friday, 4 January 2008

Day 116 - Home Grey Home

We are back in London safely. Had a great old fashion send off from Barbados with all the family at the airport laughing and crying and waving. Warmed my heart, which is a good thing because I'll need all the internal warmth I can get to keep my spirits up over the next few winter months.

Ours was an overnight flight which was just perfect because I slept through most of it. As we approached the British Isles I woke up looked out the window into the early morning light and when I saw this thick seemingly inpenetratable blanket of cloud my heart sank. I love my life in London, but the weather is hard on a girl.

Yesterday this was the view from my window. Today , this is the view .


  1. Welcome home. Glad you enjoyed your trip - sorry about the weather on your return....snicker snicker.

    Luv From Your Snow Bound Canadian Friend.....LOL!

  2. Welcome home!!

    Yes, I can understand why your heart sank, I know what view I'd rather see. I'm glad though you were able to spend some quality time with your family and have a break from the bleakness.


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