Thursday, 26 June 2008

I've been having a great last couple of days with my food and exercise on track. I'm really giving thought to the things the workshop facilitator talked about regarding lifestyle changes, as I try to figure out what my short term goals are going to be. I think I've been approaching food all wrong. A structured food plan might have worked very well for me in the past but I'm a different person now and I need to think about how I can deal with food differently.

I'm also rethinking my approach to exercise. Instead of just trying to motivate myself to jump on the elliptical trainer every morning, I'm thinking of a goal I can work towards relating to my fitness level which would motivate me. I have some ideas but I'll have to wait until the weekend to research them.


  1. It sounds like the weight management meeting was very worthwhile for you. I've got an elliptical cross trainer. Sometime I'm very disciplined with using it. Other times, like the last 3 days, I'm not as disciplined. When I use it, I really see much better weight loss results.

  2. Weekend's over. What did you research?


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