Thursday, 24 July 2008

Ok, so I HATE exercise. I really really really do.

After that conversation I had with my new doctor a few weeks back, I reached a deeper level of acceptance regarding the role exercise plays in maintaining good health and staving off certain lifestyle illnesses but that didn't make me more eager to exercise though of course it did light a fire under my ass.

When I was looking at the best place to fit exercising into my day, it was clear to me that my problem with exercise was not that I lacked the time to do it, but rather that I lacked the will and that lack of will manifests itself in start stop start stop behaviour.

Now having said this I know it is possible for me to exercise consistently because when I maintained a healthy weight over a 10 year period, I used to run for 1/2 hour 5 days a week and that worked really well for me. Now I can't run anymore because my knees can't take the pounding but I'm now trying to make exercise as non-negotiable as I did back then.

The way I'm trying to think of it is the same way I approach my other self care rituals like brushing my teeth, showering etc. I don't do these things because I like them, I do them because my parents taught me to do them when I was very young and they became a habit before I knew how important they were. Just as I would no more think about leaving home without brushing my teeth, I'm working to make exercise a thing I wouldn't think of starting my day without doing first.

I am now moving towards the end of week three of my new exercise regime. Some mornings, like this one, it takes superhuman strength for me not to blow off exercising, but I do notice that every time I don't give in to this impulse, it makes blowing it off the next morning less likely.


  1. I understand where you are coming from. I hate exercise. I try to make exercise fun. Like when you were younger you would go out and play. Maybe you could think of things that are fun?

  2. I need to do that. I am also an exercise-hater, even though I am quite active in just daily life. I have a plan for when school resumes!

  3. Perhaps, you could look for a physical activity you enjoy rather than an "exercise" which you must slavishly put in. Hiking, gardening, tennis, swimming, biking are just a few things that can get your heart rate while having fun. I am not sure what exactly you can do with your knees, but I bet there is something you might like. Just some thoughts.

  4. I do so so much better when i find the motivation to exercise. You're right about making it as much a part of your life as brushing your teeth, etc.


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