Saturday, 9 August 2008

Another week of exercise under my belt. YEAH!!! I haven't exercised like this in years and years, not since I was a healthy weight. Though I'm not exactly feeling love, the overwhelming resistance and resentment I felt when I started is now gone.

Now that I've got my exercise routine on track, I want to start to tackle my food issues. My sugar addiction has been raging. When I told my doctor this week what I've been doing, she almost fell off her seat. I am hesitant to talk about my issues with sugar with people who are not addicts because they just don't get it. Everyone gets alcoholism, drug addiction and nicotine addiction. They understand that one drink for an alcoholic is deadly, that smoking will kill and that drugs are an absolute no no, but few people understand that with a sugar addict one bite of a sugary substance can lead to days, weeks, months, years of life threatening binging. Thank God she got it. Among the things my doctor suggested was hypnosis. I don't know much about hypnosis but Sayre from Finding my Inner, Thinner Person mentioned that it worked for her in helping her kick the smoking habit. Perhaps it will work for me in helping me kick my sugar addiction. God knows I'm willing. I would love to be in the place where the very though of anything sweet leaves me nauseous.


  1. First regarding your last post, I think it is fabulous that you've been so consistent with the elliptical cross trainer. Like you, I find the cardio belt mega helpful. Unlike you, I let go of the discipline to get on the thing after a few weeks. I really do enjoy the elliptical, but once I get off the routine of making the time to get on it, I find it difficult to return to it. Getting other stuff done becomes more important to me which is a lousy sense of priorities.

    I understand the addictive nature of eating certain foods. I'm well aware that once I start eating chocolate ice cream, for example, I become insatiable. Sometimes I can resist a second and third serving; more often (lately) once I start I find it almost impossible to stop.

  2. Sugar is a hard habit to break - until you absolutely have to. When I got my diabetes diagnosis, I became a sugar nazi. I do have some from time to time, but I find that small amounts go a long, long way now. I also find that I don't really miss it. Baked goods with Spl*nda aren't as good; I think sugar might contribute to texture as much as fat does, but then, those are exactly the kinds of things I shouldn't be eating anyway. The sugar-free version actually makes avoiding those EASIER!

    Hypnosis can work wonders - but only if you truly wish to kick that habit. It worked wonders for me in the smoking department.

  3. I certainly can understand sugar addiction. Having a sweet tooth hardly describes it for me. While I like pizza and beer, I can easily live without them. What gets me salivating is cookies, peanut butter and chocolate, cake with rich, sweet frosting...well I could go on, but it's just too dangerous. Anyhow, once I get going, I just don't stop. Over the past year and half, I have learned a few methods for avoiding those horrible binges, but I know that at any given moment, I could easily slip back into them. One thing that I tell myself is that if I go on a binge now, I will probably end up with diabetes, then I will never be able to eat sweets again. Therefore, if I am careful and selective now, I will still be able to enjoy sweets the rest of my life. Hang in there.

  4. That is great you found a doctor that understands. I had no idea how addicted I was to sugar until I cut it out a week ago. Man what a headache, it is just not healthy.

    Great work on the exercise, sounds like you are stuff out.

  5. Food addictions are harder to tackle with hypnosis, though anything is worth a shot. I tried hypnosis for losing weight, and at the end of every session I would go to Burger King and eat a combo meal. That was just my resistance.

  6. when you say kicking sugar out, does it include things like fruit? I try an limit my sugar intake.....-suddenly remember a BIG faux pas from yesterday- ........but do use organic as fresh as possible fruit juices.I have a small bottle(200 ml) beside me, and whenever the craving gets to me I have a sip.

    And when I do use sugar I use sugar with a high glucoses count, means it is absorbed slowly in your blood, and released just as slowly. As such it stops the hunger pangs and the craving for sweet things.

    ell, it does for me.

    Hugs, kiss,


  7. Great post! I have found two things that help with sugar cravings, firstly have a serious amount of protein for breakfast eg a protein smoothie or eggs that helps me to not even notice sugar in such a big way. Secondly I use the hypnosis cd by Paul McKenna called I can make you thin. This has really helped with the amount of food I eat, I never overeat at all now and I also eat much slower. I have lost some weight (10kgs) but it has taken a few years. Good luck and let us know how you get on with the hynpsosis.

  8. Oh yes, I understand totally the sugar addiction. I hope the hypnosis works, I'm all for trying new things.

    Thanks for your supportive comments on my blog.


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