Saturday, 2 August 2008

View From My Elliptical Trainer
I can't believe that I have now completed Week Four of exercising 1 hour 5 mornings a week. It hasn't been fun but it has gotten easier and I feel a great sense of accomplishment.

In the beginning I had a tendency of moving really slowly in level one on the elliptical trainer, but then I got myself a heart rate monitor and that has been very useful in helping me monitor the intensity level of my exercise so that I am exercising within my particular aerobic or anaerobic zones. I've also been doing interval training which I much prefer to simple aerobic exercise.

I noticed this week that I had to work harder just to get my heart rate into the bottom of my aerobic zone (which means that my heart is getting stronger) and that I was able to do my reps with the weights much more easily.

Next I have to work on my food which comes and goes and has mostly been going this week.

On another note my 8 year old niece arrived from Barbados this week to spend August with us. My Dad was supposed to bring her on his way to China for the Olympics, but his company had to route him through Los Angeles instead of London so we had to use the British Airways' special service for children travelling alone. I thought she would freak out a little but she was completely unphased by the experience.


  1. Way to go, Nona! Perhaps your niece can inspire some exercise too, by walking the parks or museums or something. I remember walking 9 hours in one day when I was visiting Washington, DC. I totally expected to be unable to move the next day, but happily it didn't seem to phase me! Of course, this was a few years ago...

    Four weeks of one hour five days a week - that is just amazing to me! I hope to be saying something similar at the end of August!

  2. I love the view you have from your trainer! -hugs- And finally I get around to visiting you, you darling woman you. Thank you for being such a good blog friend!

    And I am here to make good on my promise, a recipe for a comment! But I remember you are a vegetarian right? does that mean you do not eat fish? Silly question may be......

    Well anyways, here is the recipe, may be you can replace the fish with so tofu or soja product?



    2 lbs mussels in shell/ 0,5 lbs cooked mussels
    0.5 lbs tiger prawns - shelled
    0.5 lbs salmon filet - cut in large chunks
    0.5 lbs codfish filet - cut in large chunks
    0.5 lbs Red beam filet - cut in large chunks
    1 large onion- chopped
    3 large garlic clove - mashed
    3 large tomatoes (lots of pulp, little juice) – take skin off, cut in cubes
    Fresh parsley, cut
    1 tbs olive oil
    1 bayleaf
    1 fish stock cube
    1 ts paprika powder
    1 ts cayenne pepper
    4 fl oz white wine


    heat the oil, fry the onion and garlic in 3 minutes (do not brown) add tomatoes, stock cube, cayenne pepper and paprika powder. Leave to simmer for 5 minutes on a low heat stirring once in a while. Add the win and leave to simmer for a further 5 minutes. *** Add the fish, put lid on the pan, and cook th fish like that in 8 to 10 minutes. Do not stir, or the fish will break up and crumble.
    Add the raw mussel, and simmer until they open – OR – add 0,5 lbs of cooked mussels along with tiger prawns, until they are warm through and through and the prawns turn pink.
    Add seasoning – salt, pepper, parsley. To intensify the flavor add some lemon juice. Serve with brown bread and salted butter, and a salad of cucumber, onion, and red bell peppers

    Wine suggestion: White rioja of South African sauvignon blanc.

    *** up this point I make my recipe the day or morning before, it will cut down the actual cooking for your guests to only 5-10 minutes. I use frozen fish filets, and cut them 4-6 hours prior as they are half frozen, makes for nice equally sized chunks. I add them when they are fully defrosted.


  3. Great job on the exercising. You sound like your doing great. Enjoy your time with your niece. That's such a fun age.

  4. Nona, when you get a chance, can you gravitate back to my blog and send me an e-mail?. It's lister through my personal profile.

  5. Nona, CONGRATULATIONS on your workout success this week! Could you send some of that my way?? I'm urgently trying to break through my lack-of-exercise barrier that's been hanging around for a good while now. :P

  6. Keep it going, let's see new photos!! You have not posted any in a while!!


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