Thursday, 18 September 2008

Just to clarify something in my last post. When I said that I had read somewhere that you have to do something 17 time for it to become a habit, I didn't mean that I had been exercising just 17 times. I started my new regime of exercising 5 days a week on the 7th July right after I had my first appointment with my wonderful new doctor and have not missed a day since then. So this is week 11 and today is day 54 and going strong.

I've been weighing myself everyday for the past week (which is new) and writing down everything I eat (which is not new) without trying to control what I eat (which is new).
Result No 1: I've taken the sting out of the scale. I get on it every morning after I wee and I record the number and I move on with my day. Of course the number is too high and I need to bring it down, but for now I'm grateful that I can weight myself emotionlessly. That in itself is a major breakthrough.
Result No 2: My diet consists mostly of sugar. Left to my own devices I will have Smarties for breakfast, Florentines for lunch and M&M for dinner and the fruit and vegetables will rot in the fridge ... not because I don't like fruit and vegetables you understand,but because I prefer Florentines ;( and probably disease and death.

As I might have mentioned my doctor recommended two strategies to deal with this issue, one of which includes hypnosis. I didn't vibe with the Hypnotist she recommended and she was rather expensive as well. I might try to find and interview some others and/or try a Paul McKenna tape that Barb over at Not Finished Just Yet mentioned worked well for her. Or I could try the other method my Dr. suggested that sounds just too hokey to talk about (even if I can see the logic of it).

So anyway life marches on ... the 'global' banking crisis is a little disconcerting. What will happen next? Perhaps we should keep our money under out beds ... or do like my grandmother did, tie it up in her bra. LOL!!! Unlike my grandmother I never seem to have any money on my person. We tend to use credit cards for everything, but we pay them off at the end of every month. My honey would burst a gasket if we ever paid even the smallest finance charge.

My classes have begun and I just love my students. They are such a wonderful mix and I know it's going to be a fabulous term.

Now if I could just lose some weight ....


  1. I'm not too concerned about the global economy (bad me, I know!), but since we actually HAVE nothing, there's not much to lose. We're not planning on selling our house which is the only real asset we have at the moment. I do save gas when I can, and turn everything off that I'm not using at work and at home. But that's just common sense!

    I"m glad the scale doesn't have that freaky kind of power over you. There are so many things that can affect that number that has no actual bearing on your fat loss or gain. If daily weighing keeps it from being scary, do it! I don't do every day but every couple of days, sometimes once a week. Once in a while, I approach it with dread, knowing that the number will be bigger because I KNOW that I've been misbehaving in my food consumption or lack of exercise.

    On the plus side, I tried on a dress today that I couldn't begin to squeeze into last year and it was actually slightly large on me! Sometimes the scale isn't the be-all and end-all of where you are!

  2. Your niece is beautiful and I hear you re your personal space! I don't know that I could weigh every day. I usually weigh once a week....but then, my emotions are pretty tied up with what they say at the moment! Love your blog:)

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  4. I've already lost money from my retirement fund, not much but it is worrying.I unfortunately do not pay out my credit card as the end of each month.


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