Monday, 29 September 2008

Weight Loss this Week -3kgs/-6.61lbs

I was able to sort my food out this week. Spending a few weeks recording what I ate without changing anything was very helpful. Breakfast was often fine but from there things would go downhill. Instead of having meals I would have sweet snacks. Why? Because they were quick and easy and of course I like them.

This week I made sure everyday I had a good filling breakfast (usually oatmeal with banana/apple, raisins and soymilk which is a big favourite of mine) and I replaced my sweet snacks with fruit. That worked really well for me. I didn't miss the sweet taste in my mouth and I felt quite satisfied. This week I will work on my lunch.

I'm still exercising and weighting myself everyday. I've decided to write what the scale registers here every Monday.

We had a lovely weekend. We went to an area of southwest London called Richmond -upon-Thames and walked along the Thames for about 8 miles. It was one of those rare Autumn days, sunny crisp beautiful.

Life is Good!!!


  1. Feeling in control of your food gives you such a sense of power! And when you combine that with all the exercise.... Good things are bound to happen!

    Congratulations on your long walk. I love when the weather cooperates with crisp sunny days - I could walk forever.

  2. That sounds great, I am working on the snacking thing too atm. Some days were ending up just snacking and no meals. What a beautiful countryside.

  3. That's a damn good loss there!!

    The photos look great, I love roads with folliage all around it.

  4. You are such an inspiration...keep up the good work. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for posting them.

  5. That walk looks so peaceful and lovely! You are doing so well and identifying your
    "difficult" times with the snacking etc....keep up the fantastic work!

  6. So glad to hear that things are going well for you! Loved the photos as well-- I'm eager to have the chance to visit London one of these days :)

  7. Nice pictures. Oatmeal made with milk and raisins is a favorite of mine. I make 8 servings at a time and freeze them, then micro them for breakfast. Fruit is an excellent sub for other sweets. So often when I have the other things, they intensify my longing for more and more. I become insatiable.

  8. Wow that is an awesome loss. Keep up the good work.


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