Sunday, 7 December 2008

View from my Elliptical Trainer

I can't believe that the last time I blogged was in October. Where has the time flown? Life has been very good, but I think I've lost the plot weight loss wise. I haven't gained or loss any weight really ... I'm just where I always am - STUCK.

I really think there is something wrong with my body in spite of the fact that my blood work shows nothing, because since January 2005 I have been on a mission to lose weight with 0 to little success. No matter how much effort I've put in, the results I get fall so short that I eventually lose momentum. I'm not ready to accept that I'll be obese for the rest of my life but ... I'm short on hope right now.

I was happy to discover another wonderful weight loss buddy Tracy and found this interesting fill-in exercise on her blog, so I though what the heck.
  1. I give myself permission to fail.
  2. Buying and decorating our Christmas tree is one thing I really looking forward to right now.
  3. If I could change one thing about someone I love I'd give my third sister the courage to be introspect.
  4. I spent the day reading today.
  5. Tomorrow I plan to exercise, write and start a new project that I've been planning for a while.
  6. This week is going to be a lot of fun because I'm on vacation from college and can spend all my time working in my studio.
  7. I feel fortunate.
  8. Spending time alone with my honey doting on me is one of my favourite things.
  9. I want to lose weight.
  10. One of my best memories is driving from New York to Montreal with my honey when we were just good friends.


  1. Hang in there, will find what is right and works for you....don't lose hope!!I thought you had given blogging away!!! I am glad to see you back on the blog scene:)

  2. Glad to hear from you...I have missed you blogging. Yes I merged both my blogs together so the Just Chrissie is the only one I have. It still has weight loss stuff on it as well as everyday stuff.

  3. Hello,
    I've been reading ur blog for awhile but this would be my first comment.

    Firstly I would like to say, WELL DONE so far. You are incredible and you have done incredibly well.

    You say you haven't made any progress but you haven't put loadsa weight back on. that in itself is progress.
    From reading you, I think maybe stepping out of your comfort zone excercise wise might be a cool thing to do. really pushing yourself to get in that cardio away, even possibly being a little bit more aggressive about it.

    In anycase, whatever you do. I think you are fab and I think you will get there :)

  4. I'm glad that you'll be able to do the things that you enjoy in the days ahead. Persevering in your weight loss efforts and not seeing results has got to be major frustrating. I think a consultation with a doctor would be an excellent idea. I like your fill-in exercise.

  5. Nona, thank you so much for the comment you left on my blog the other day! With all the job stress I was under, keeping up to date with my blog was probably the farthest thing from my mind. Needless to say, I am just ecstatic about the decision my husband and I made for me to leave my job-- it seriously couldn't have come at a better time. I've started teaching again (ESL)at a language academy close to where I live, and I'm loving it.

    I'm glad to hear that you're doing well and I look forward to keeping up with you! Have you ever been to Spain by the way?

  6. this is a test to see if blogger will let me through

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hi Nona,
    I meant to post as Pasadena Adjacent. Just checking in on you. Hope your well and not experiencing blogger burn-out. Nice view.

  9. Tracy Sweet Potato14 December 2008 at 00:59

    Hey Girl!

    I was wondering where you were!! Your trip looked fantastic!

    Stay focused, and as you told me, back away from the cookies!

    Have a great holiday


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