Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, Winter Solstice, or whatever else people celebrate at this time of the year. We spent Christmas in England this year with James's family and had a wonderful time.

Have been trying to decide whether to continue blogging. The main purpose for starting this blog was to give me incentive to lose some weight. I thought a public forum would help to keep me motivated and on track. That certainly hasn't worked, though I have met lots of wonderful people in the process. I do think it is nice to be able to check in with others who are on the same path I'm on from time to time so maybe I'll limp along a little longer and see how things turn out.

Well, we're at the end of another year. Wow!!! How did that happen??? Can't believe how fast it went. Gosh!!! When I was a kid time dragged, now it flies.

Many thanks to all my faithful readers ... all 2 of you ... ;P and a very Happy 2009!!!


  1. Hi Nona, keep on bloggin'. We all need each other you know...it doesn't matter if your posts are far apart, they are still read by plenty of other people on similar journeys.

    Happy New Year

  2. Agree with Tracey!! Keep blogging...just the everyday stuff...doesn't have to be about weight all the time! I enjoy you blogs:)

  3. I had the same motivation as you with regard to blogging. Though that hasn't worked out as yet, I remain hopeful. In any case, I value a number of the people I've "met." You are one of them. I hope you continue to blog even if only in spurts.

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I think that blogging can give you a crank-start, like going to the gym would, or joining a weight-loss club or going to a weight loss clinic, etc. It is mental. The actual blogging is just about socializing with others on the internet and also about having a forum to post your opinions and photos. I enjoy it as long as I use blogging as a tool for me, and not when I try to please others or be politically correct or otherwise feel like I need to say what people want to read.

  5. Happy New Year Nona!

    Keep blogging it's good to keep in touch, thanks for your words of encouragement also, it times like these that maes it all (blogging) worthwhile.

  6. Quit Blogging!?! Oh I don't THINK so!! What would I do without my Diet Travelogue!? You keep it up Ms. Nona, YOUCAN DO IT! Dear, I know all about starting over again. If this thing was easy, everybody would be thin!

    Have a great New Year Sweetie!

  7. Hey, Nona - I'm struggling with the weightloss blog or not. I find that I tend to ignore it unless I feel like I have something to say, but Kim made a pretty good point when I said I would give it up. I will probably post after each doctor appointment (every three months) which is a pretty good barometer of how I'm doing. Next appointment is February 23rd!

    Do what you feel like doing. IF you go, I will miss you, but if you decide to call it quits, I absolutely understand! Feel free to visit me at my main blog - which is about life, not weight!

  8. Okay - I've changed my mind again - keeping the weightloss blog. But still come see how my other half (the part that's not about weight) lives at SayreSmiles! That's the real me!

  9. Hey there! New year, new blog, new beginnings. Let's start together!

    SuMarie - formerly known as Abba

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