Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Day 217

Quote for today:
I still need more healthy rest in order to work at my best. My health is the main capital I have and I want to administer it intelligently. Ernest Hemingway

I am too tired to make any sense. I'm just going to write food and go to bed.

B - 351

1 cup of yogurt - 260
1/2 cantelope - 48
1 tbls of agave - 43

L- 398
56 grams of cheese - 228
3 bean salad - 170

S- 228
56 grams of cheese

D - 343
56 grams of cheese - 228
3 cups mixed vegetables - 115

Calories - 1320
Exercise - 1/2 elliptical trainer & upper body weights
cups of water


  1. Ernest Hemingway the notorious alcholic? Back then, it was hard-drinking. Lots of men did it all the time and were admired for being able to drink other men under the table. Now it is alcoholism.

    Hemingway put a shotgun into his mouth back in 1961 when he came to the conclusion that his writing skills were fading away...

    One of his sons died a couple of years ago as a homeless, elderly transvestite... Alcoholism?

    Living in Florida for 35 years I have read hundreds of stories about the Hemingway family in the local newspapers. Probably more than I ever wanted to know about the Hemingways!!

  2. Did I mention that the famous six-toed Hemingway cats are in a battle with the Federal Government over the Hemingway home and museum in Key West?? Yes, there is a lot of weirdness surrounding Hemingway. At least he was a fitness buff!!

  3. I too was going to ask if it was THAT Ernest Hemingway - because even if you exercise daily and watch what you eat, if you drink to excess, you're still not healthy! It can essentially erase everything right you're doing (see, I have a little experience with this!)

    Spidey, you must be in Really South Florida!


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