Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Day 216

Quote for Today:
"No dream comes true until you wake up and go to work."

I had a lot on my plate today. Not literally ... actually I had too little on my plate food wise. Breakfast and dinner were fine, but I never got around to having lunch, nor did I get around to exercising. :(

My honey has decided to join me in Vienna and I am so very happy. We debated back and forth about whether he should come since it has to be a short trip because neither of us can stay away for very long. Finally, he decided that he would rather enjoy a short break, so we fly out tomorrow at 6am. and will hang out together all day. Then I will leave him on Thursday and Friday for my conference and rejoin him on Saturday to do some more sightseeing before leaving on Saturday evening to fly back to London.

I am taking my laptop and hope that I can blog every evening as usual. I think/hope this will help me keep my focus because Vienna is renown for its sweets - cakes particularly - and I have to admit that whenever I have thought about going there in the past, I have fantasized about eating every single cake made in the place. It's a little funny that now that I am going I won't be able to attempt to fulfill my fantasy. It's not that I don't want to anymore, it's just that right now I can acknowledge that that's not the healthy thing for me to do.

Happily though, I haven't had my treat for the month yet, and so I can have it there.

So I am off to read a blog or two then to bed since I have to be up in ... yikkees ... 3 1/2 hours.

B - 351

1 cup of yogurt - 260
1/2 cantaloupe - 48
1 tbls of agave - 43

S- 80
10 nuts - 80

D - 443
56 grams of cheese - 228
3 cups mixed vegetables - 115
1 tbls butter - 100

Calories - 874
Exercise - none
cups of water


  1. Have a fabulous time in Vienna. It's sounds so exotic. You have done so well the last month, you deserve to have a treat. Heck, I have one every week! Maybe you could share with your partner? Go halves in the pastries instead of eating a full one on your own. You can't eat it all if it's not there to eat. I remember reading in the french women don't get fat book, they eat pastries whenever they like. Just take little tiny bites, and savour every mouthful, like every mouthful is in itself a meal. Chew really well, and savour the taste, and texture. Doing all this evidently helps you eat just one crossiant, instead of the whole box. Let me know how you go!

  2. I've tried that "french" method and it works, IF what you are savoring is worth savoring. It's tough to "savor" a Hershy bar, but give me some quality dark chocolate and a little bit goes a long way. So when I do indulge, I try to make sure it truly is an indulgence and not just something to stuff in my face because I'm craving something sweet.

    Have fun in Vienna! You and the Honey should do some walking while you're there.

  3. So happy that the both of you can enjoy the trip - will be that much better.


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