Friday, 7 September 2007

Day 234

So I took the odd vegetable my honey brought home a few days ago back to the store to find out what it is. It is called a kohlrabi. Full marks for Spidey who suggested it was a type of turnip. It's actually a kind of turnip cabbage thing. Who knew such a thing existed?

You wouldn't believe I could not think of a single thing to give myself when I lose my first 5kgs. I want the thing to be something I would not normally get or buy and something I would really want and can AFFORD! LOL!!! You see what I really want is this. This is what I call real incentive, but I could not even afford the hubcaps on this baby, so instead I am thinking of this pair of boots.

I know they may not look like much, but I'm really into comfort and I've always wanted a pair of knee high boot. The problem is I have really big calves and usually boots don't zip up around them. LOL! So I may have to postpone them for a later 5kg loss treat.

I think my blog must be really boring to read because I don't have that much to say. I'm feeling very calm right now and I am basking in the gratitude of not grazing on unhealthy foods all day long. It is really important for me to write every day even if only to say I am here and I am trying, because I can disappear in the food quite easily and when I do, it's not that easy for me to get out.

Writing my food, exercise and water intake makes me feel accountable and is keeping me clear and honest. For example, I wanted to skip the gym today, but then I thought, how can I skip the gym without an excuse other than I didn't want to go. The fact that I would have to write that down was a great deterrent to skipping. In the past I'd say "oh what the hell, its only one day", and one day would lead to one week to one month to one year. Same for the food. So even though it may be a little boring and repetitive, it is helping me tremendously. Thank you everyone for popping by and checking on me.

B - 377
1 cup of yogurt - 260
1 cup of nectarines - 74
1 tbls of agave - 43

L - 400
2 oz cheese - 190
2 cups of vegetable soup - 210

D - 366
141 grams vegetarian mince - 130
3 cups of mixed vegetables - 105
1 tsp fat - 35

Calories - 1143
1/2 hr. Elliptical Trainer - 400cal burned
6 cups of water


  1. LOL! Thanks for identifying the mystery vegtable. Hahaha. What the hell do you do with it though?? LOL. How do you eat it? I love your bog by the way.

  2. Hideous looking vegie hey!!! Did you eat it???


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