Saturday, 1 September 2007

Day 240

So today was not the best day ever.

I stayed up all night last night working manically on a project and finally went to bed at 10am. There was no reason for me to do this other than the fact that I get so involved with problem solving that I lose all sense of reason.

I had breakfast before I went to bed but this meant that I ended up sleeping most of the day and having lunch at 6pm.

When I got up I felt really off kilter - sort of emotionally clingy and empty and wanted to comfort myself with sweets. To make matters worse my honey had to go to work and so I had to fend for myself emotionally and nutritionally.

I cooked a veggie burger, and mushrooms and had 1/2 oz of cheese with it.

Before he left we talked about how I felt and what I could do instead of eating. I decided to walk to the bus stop with him on his way out and pick up a movie to watch in bed on my computer and then try to have a early night. I also talked about what I was planning to do food wise for dinner. I felt a little better after that.

When I got to the counter to pay for my movie, not only was I surrounded by every sweet thing imaginable, but the cashier told me that the Ben and Jerry's ice cream was half price and if I bought it I could also have caramel popcorn for half price.

"Do I look at though I need ice-cream and popcorn?" I said. The woman next to me burst out laughing and then we all had a good laugh and chat about not needing to stuff ourselves with sugar.

I felt much better for the laugh and the encounter and as I walked back home I decided to blog about my feelings, write out my day's consumption of food and visit three other bloggers to give them moral support.

All in all I feel happy because part of moving away from emotional eating for me is not just examining why I feel eating when I feel like eating, but finding non-destructive/positive/nurturing alternatives.

Anyway here's what I had today:

1 cup yogurt
1 cup nectarines

1 veggieburger
1/2 oz cheese
2 cups mushrooms

1 cup yogurt
2 cups tomatoes
1 tbls. dressing

I know it sounds a little weird this food but that's how it is today.


  1. Good to see you can laugh about it...
    It does get easier... To me binge eating/sugar cravings were just like a nicotine habit... once you can slowly ease off it.. and then finally kick the habit.. it is fine... and thats exactly what i did... Slowly weaned off my problem foods.. just take it one day at a time.. hugs to you..

  2. I work shift work girl - you are talking to the wrong person if you think you ate weird today! :)

    Sleeping till 4pm some days throws my whole world upside down - and eating my main meal at 3am. My body doesn't know what the hell to think some days.

    I need a fresh start. I really do. Because yes - 1 pound gain turns into 3, turns in 5, turns into ....

    You take care and I REALLY appreciate your comments.

  3. Hey, 55! You are very lucky in that you can discuss how you're feeling and find alternatives to eating with your boyfriend. Walking to the bus stop with him was a good start to changing your response to feeling weird.

    I hate that stores put all that sweet stuff by the cash registers. I can't take my son in anywhere without being pestered. Luckily, I don't really care for most of that stuff, and have decided that if I'm going to fall for it, I'll have a Peppermint Patty. They're not too awful for you and by having just one, it's pretty satisfying. But most of the time I just pass it up.

  4. All-nighters will pack on the pounds. It is your way of sabotaging yourself. I used to love staying up all night to study and watch movies/listen to music and read. I became a magnet for extra pounds. I hope you can avoid the lure of peace and quiet that working at night brings...


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