Monday, 22 October 2007

Day 189

I haven't been eating enough over the past few days which I know is really bad. When James is not around to cook, I take shortcuts because I'm just too lazy to cook. That will be my downfall if I'm not careful. I seem to be going through some phase since I started this new program where I can't stand to be in the kitchen for more than 5 minutes. It's really strange because I'm the one who use to do most of the cooking and now I just don't want to anymore. It's a little unfair to James though so I am going to have to start pulling myself together.

B - 207
18g/13 cashews - 100
1 mango- 107

S - 137
500 ml soymilk - 155

L - 187
140 g tofu- 137
2 cups soup - 50

D - 544
1 oz walnuts - 185
1 oz almonds - 163
60 g dried mango - 196

Calories - 1075 calories
Exercise - 1/2 elliptical trainer
H2O - 40 oz water


  1. I never want to cook when I'm trying to lose weight. I think that may be the appeal of those ready-made diets where they ship food to you. However, I've tried some of their food - it is awful. No wonder people lose weight on their diets...

  2. LMAO! Thanks for making me laugh Sayre. I need that.

  3. I love to cook. That is my downfall. I have started to cook healthier though, taking short cuts when I can in preparing food. I grill and bake my food more than I fry and saute. I guess every little bit counts.


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