Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Day 194

Okay, so I have decided that I am giving up the gym because well frankly I HATE IT and I resent spending the money. I need to give one month notice, so I'll give that this month. This means that my membership will officially end at then end of November. Until then I will continue to go and make use of the facilities.

Now I'm not being impulsive here. I have been thinking about this for awhile and I do have a plan. Inspired by Sayre and Livy, I have decided to set up a little exercise corner in my home where I can do exactly what I do in the gym. So for the price of a month's membership, I am going to buy two sets of free weights and something for my cardio work and do my workout looking at the garden instead of facing a row of TV screens. Also I hope to be playing tennis regularly weather permitting and of course tango once a week.

B - 238
250ml soymilk - 155
1 pear - 83

L - 405
100 grams of mackerel - 355
2 cups veggies - 50

S - 177
50 grams of mackerel - 177

D - 460
110 g of Goat cheese and Butternut squash pie - 350
3 cups of mixed veggies - 110
1/2 tbls. butter

Calories - 1330 calories
Exercise - 2 hrs of tennis
H2O - 80 oz water


  1. That is terrific, Nona! I love being able to work out at home because I can set my own time schedule. It works very well when I do it!

    And think of the money you will save!

  2. I am really debating doing the same thing. It's so hard to find the time in my shift work life - and its so hard to still hand the money out each month.

  3. Brilliant, Brilliant Idea my girl! Not only will you be able to excercise more frequently (while watching tele, or listening to music) as the equipment is there at your disposal, but you can avoid all the time wasted travelling. I think this is a wise move, one that is sure to bring results. x


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