Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Day 195

We planted some red, pink and white heather and bright coloured flowers in these boxes on our balcony to stave off the gloom of winter. I love heather. It grows wild on the hillsides of northern England and Scotland. but we paid £3 for each plant.

B - 348
50 gs corn thins 160
1 tbls peanut butter - 188

L- 405
100 grams of mackerel - 355
2 cups veggies - 50

S - 155
250ml soy milk - 155

D - 452
20 g cheese - 63
20g corn thins - 64
Vegetable kiev - 325

Calories - 1360 calories
Exercise - 0 :(
H2O - 4 oz


  1. I LOVE your planters!!!! How long with your heather live (as winter is right around the corner)? My grandfather lives in London and he always had the most beautiful little garden. His wife took care of it mostly - she died a couple of years ago, so I have no idea if it's still as lovely.

  2. Spectacular flowers lovie! Sometimes it's so nice to have natural beauty around you. I spent an hour in the garden yesterday planting seeds and trimming and faffing, and it felt so theraputic.

  3. nice flowers! good to hear you are doing great!

  4. Love the flowers, Heather is one of my favourites as well.


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