Saturday, 6 October 2007

Day 205

OH MY GOD!!! Today I had my first tennis lesson and it was FAB - U - LOUS!!! Who knew a sport could be so much fun? Initially my honey and I had planned to take the class together but the instructor kept moving the time around and the day she finally settled on was Sat. mornings at 9am. , well James gets in around 9:30am and needs to go right to sleep in order to wake up for tango at 2:30pm. , so he couldn't make that time. Well as he has played tennis before, we decided that I would go ahead and take the class alone and we can practice together.

So off I went this morning with great trepidation, because as I have explained I have lifelong issues with my body, physical activity and shame and discomfort. So I have to say first that there were three of us women in the class. They were the usual thin, tall and athletic types and then there was me. They had already done this beginners class the session before (don't you just hate beginners classes where no one but you is a beginner?) and I had never touched a tennis racket before - well, not quite true, I've touched one but not attempted to play. So of course, I didn't do so well. We learnt the forehand and the backhand and my balls were going all over the place, but at least I was actually hitting them 95% of the time which shocked the hell out of me.

The amazing thing though I have to say is that I didn't care and whenever I began to care I laughed and told myself, it just didn't matter. The net result is that I had SO MUCH FUN now I want to play all the time (compulsive obsessive alert) and after tango I am going to buy us two cheap rackets so we can practice, practice, practice.

What I am hoping is that I will find a few activities that I truly enjoy, so that when I reach my weight loss goal, I can DROP the GYM (which I HATE) like a hot potato and just do things I enjoy - so far I have tango and tennis. Next stop KICKBOXING.

Food for today:

B - 386
1 cup of yogurt - 260
1 tbls. agave -43
1 pear - 83

L - 450
Seaweed nut salad - 450

S- 233
1 slice of wholewheat bread - 115
1 tbls. peanut butter - 118

D - 450
Seaweed nut salad - 450

Calories - 1529
1 hr. tennis & 1 hr. tango
6 cups of water


  1. I think that's the real key to success. If you hate doing something, odds are that you're not going to be very consistant doing it (if this is a voluntary thing, that is). On the other hand, if you find activities taht you love (and you can do with James to boot), you are much more likely to continue doing it. Just keep moving!

  2. Sounds awesome! I guess I always figured that one must always go to the gym, but doing activities you enjoy outside of the gym sound so much more fun.

  3. I'm so glad you have found an activity you enjoy! Personally, I detest sport and excercise of any kind. I think learning to enjoy it is the key to success!

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  5. Who wouldhave thought I would find time to peruse fellow bloggers's blogs during my holida. But I do.

    I am impressed, and what is great you haed so much fun!

    Good on you! And for the record, I AM jealous! Tango with a man you clearly adore..........*SWOON, SIGH*

  6. Your love of exercise is awesome.. well done!! I used to love walking 8 kilometers into the city then hopping the bus to come back home..
    Oyh and in reply to your comment on my joke on my blog.. hehe
    I always said..heaven doesnt want me and hell thinks I will take over... ;o)
    Gotta love a good joke tho!


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