Sunday, 4 November 2007

Day 176

I love my Sundays when they are peaceful and inactive which they are for the most part. My honey works all Saturday night until 9am and so he sleeps until around 6pm on Sunday.

It was another sunny and mild day in dear old England and I lounged on my sofa all day reading, day dreaming, ruminating and planning. Nowhere to go ... no one to see ... no outstanding work to catch up on ... just peace and quiet and me. Yummy!!!

I have decided to respond to the comments I get where appropriate. It feels so odd not to. I have been asked various questions over the short time that I have had this blog and just have not answered them. How weird!!! LOL!!! So over the next few weeks I am going to go back through my posts and answered all unanswered questions etc.

B - 383
1 banana - 60
20 g raisins - 63
52 g oatmeal - 200
100 g soymilk - 60

S - 376
150 g yogurt - 193
250 ml fruit juice - 183

L - 187
140 g tofu- 137
2 cups soup - 50

D - 365
150 g yogurt - 193
1 cream egg - 172

Calories - 1311
Exercise - 0
H2O - 44 oz water

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  1. I love days like that, It's Monday here, I am at work, need I say any more. @#5!

    Glad your tooth is on the mend and hope the final work on Monday is uneventfull


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