Monday, 24 December 2007

Day 127 - Merry Christmas

The last few days have been busy busy busy with all sorts of Christmas stuff. We had a photographer come in to take some family photos. Here are my parents with sister no. 3 Jen. Jen wore her hair loose for the photo. It is rather beautiful and rootsy to look at, but I wouldn't want it on my head. I think it must be half of her body weight and would make me hot and miserable, but she says it's no bother.

This year we drew names for the first time for gift giving. Like so many adults in wealthy nations, we all have enough crap in our lives and really don't need any more so we thought this was a good way to keep the stuff to a minimum. I got sister no. 2 Dee. I am giving her a spa treatment which I think she will enjoy.

We have divided the Christmas meal between all of us, so that everyone is responsible for a few dishes. I (funny enough) have most of the dessert dishes. Today I was a baking genie. I baked a pineapple upside-down cake, a cheesecake and three loafs of a Barbadian speciality called coconut bread (which I am very good at making, if I do say so myself).
Coconut bread is more of a cake than a bread but it is denser than cake and filled with coconut, raisins and cherries. The trick is to get it moist rather than dry. Delores, James and I tested this one after it came out of the oven, just to make sure it was okay. They said it was my best yet. ;P

My mother, Dee and her husband are religious fanatics so before the crack of dawn on Christmas day they'll be out of the house to go to Church to celebrate the birth of their saviour. My dad, James, sister no.1 Delores, and I are heathens so there'll be no church going for us. James, Delores and I spend the evening gallivanting and then stayed up late drinking (they beer, me my plus) and dishing family dirt. LOL!!! We'll be crawl out of our beds around the time the church goers are returning home from church.

Most people here decorate the outside of their homes modestly or not at all, but a few people go all out. This is a house down the road from my parents. They have decorated it to this degree on all four sides. :o
Guess they're just having a bit of fun, eh?


  1. Merry Christmas to you! Your sisters hair is so beautiful - no doubt alot of work. The baked bread looks so yummy. No doubt they loved it.

  2. Thanks for sharing what you have been up to, I like to hear how other people celebrate Xmas.As usual my Xmas was spent eating, eating and more eating,a bit of drinking, but mainly eating!!! lol!

    I hope your day today is special with your family.

  3. Wow - I would not want that house's electric bill in January!!!

    Your sister's hair is beautiful, but I agree with you - I wouldn't want that much on my head. I suppose if you've had it as long as she obviously has, it doesn't seem like that big a deal.

    Sometimes, I find that by spending that much time with dessert-in-the-making, I don't want much of it once it's baked. Hopefully being the baker curtailed some of your ingesting of the product of your oven!!!

    Merry Christmas, Nona! I'm glad I found you!

  4. The cake sounds great, and the house is beautiful!

  5. Looks like so much fun. I am so happy you were able to share this with us. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

  6. wow your sisters hair is absolutely amazing!! From one who has thick (and what used to be long) hair I totally know how heavy it can be although I do think you grow used to it.

  7. Omg... Hair... lots of it... haha.. I couldnt even imagine what it must be like to carry that around ...
    I hardly have any./...
    I hope you had an amazing Christmas... I am a heathen too...
    I tell everyone I am bush baptist... hahaha


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