Saturday, 22 December 2007

Day 129

Have been having a lovely time. My eldest sister Dolores arrived from New York yesterday. Now we are all here. Dad, Mum, four sisters Dolores, Dee, Jen and me with spouses/partners and one niece.

As you can see I have not succeeded in writing every evening as hoped. It took me a little while to get Internet access into my room but I finally got it sorted tonight. So hopefully I can get down to business from tomorrow. I am using a telephone wire though and everything is so slow. I've been trying to upload some picture all evening and not having any luck. I think I need to make them smaller or something.

Anyway, my food has not been clean. I have been having far more carbs, fats and sugars than I am use to, though in moderate proportions. I think I'll allow myself some play room over the next few days and then tighten up again after that.

Only two days until Christmas. Gosh!!!


  1. My Xmas plan has gone out the window,it's just to darn hard as everywhere you go someone is shoving something under my nose.

    I think getting out ones routines is bad news for the diet.

  2. ...OH MY GOD.
    I just recieved your parcel!!! I think I will be sending you and James are chockas New years parcel! Nona, your generosity has astounded me! My girls thought christmas had come early as they opened all your wonderful gifts!!
    Quarantine opened the parcel, I must admit goji balls look remarkably like hashish!!!! I just had one, the smell and shape and texture of poo put me off a bit. They taste alot like dry figs!
    I am so grateful for your freindship and kindess, and want to say thankyou from the bottom of my heart!!
    I hope you and yours have a fabulous christmas and an awesome New Year!!

  3. I am enjoy the holidays (but not TOO much), and plan to get my butt back in gear on the 26th. Luckily, the New Year holiday isn't nearly as destructive to me - we stay home, have a glass of champagne and hit the sack around 9pm.... the days of staying up until midnight were gone years and years ago!

  4. Hello! I am here from Abba's page. Your blog is fascinating and I am enjoying reading it very much. I have been to Barbados once and it was a fabulous week. The island is gorgeous and all the people were so nice. I wish I was there now!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!


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