Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Day 133

It's so nice to be home!!! I'm always struck by how different life here is from life in the cities I've lived in. For one nature is ever present. I love the cacophony of cocks crowing, wood doves cooing and birds chirping that meet every dawn and the crickets and whistling frogs that accompany the dusk. I don't like the white lizards (I guess they're geckos), the centipedes, the flying cockroaches, or any other creeping, crawling or flying insects that invade the house. Now it would be great if my parents put screens at all the windows and doors, but I guess they think that would make life too pleasant. LOL!!!

Barbadians are quite warm and chatty people and that takes some getting use to after England where the people are quite cool and taciturn. I forget how much light friendly banter goes on here. I couldn't believe the number of strangers who shared a laugh and a light comment with me just between the plane and getting into my sister's car.

My second sister Dee, grows orchids and put this beautiful one in our room.

We spent a quiet day at home today kind of acclimatising, playing with my niece Lilee,
decorating the tree
and of course catching some zzzzzzzzz in the hammock.
I haven't figured out my food yet. We have to go to the supermarket and get what we like. I'm going to start recording my food here as usual soon, just to keep clear about what I'm consuming.


  1. Wow to be lying in sunshine right now would be fantastic. It's supposed to be summer here right now but it's rainy and cold today!! Go figure???

  2. The blue water looks so inviting. It's good to go back to your roots, I think it makes us appreciate the little things better.

    Your honey looks so relaxed,I wish I was lying on a hammock on an island at the moment.Ha!

    Lilee is such a cutie,is she making Xmas decorations?

  3. Beautiful pics Nona!! I hope you have a stressfree and enjoyable holiday! I am a friendly person myself, maybe I should move to Barbados myself!!
    Take Care

  4. Hammock Zs are the best! And your niece is adorable... enjoy her while you can!

  5. Seems like you are set for a great Christmas!

  6. gorgeous pics and your niece is adorable!!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Have a fun Christmas!! Thankyou for your comments on my blog this year! I appreciate it!!


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