Monday, 17 December 2007

Arrived Safely

We arrived safely to blue skies and sunshine.

Jen and Lilee picked us up at the airport. Here is a picture of Jen. She is a rastafarian and that big bundle on her head is her knee length dreadlocks tied up in a scarf.


  1. I love dredlocks. My sisters boyfriend has them, and I think they look funky and cool. I am currently back in the 'Bob Marley' phase, and look forward to groovin to Bob with Mum.
    So glad you arrived safely Nona.

  2. Excuse my ignorance, but wouldn't dredlocks wrapped up like that weigh a ton? I cut off my wispy, white girl hair when it was to my waist because it was giving me headaches... Just curious. I love the look of cared-for dredlocks! We have a couple of rastafarians here and I love looking at them whenever I see them.

  3. Rasta mon! I guess you will be getting the munchies a lot very soon!

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