Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Day 104

I've been feeling depressed-ish and haven't felt like blogging. Feel like retreating with my honey to a hut at the top of a very high mountain and not showing my face in public again until summer ... or maybe NEVER.


  1. Oh Nona, Big hugs my friend.

    I know what it feels like, there needs to be a "Cloak Room" where we can take a ticket and just check out for a short time to get away from things.

    Cheer up my friends and I'll be sending you happy thought!

  2. Sorry you are feeling down. I am not sure what the weather is like in your part of the world, but I believe its similar to here in that there are lots of overcast, short winter days. That always gets me a bit down too. I try to get outdoors in the day light every day. It helps me a little. Hope things look brighter soon.

  3. Sorry you are down. Might be the after being home blues. Coming back 2 cold rainy London is prolly playing a role. Sending you good thoughts. Remember, this too shall pass. Cheers. Karine

  4. Back to reality after a blissful time away can be harsh. I have emailed you. xxx

  5. As long as you are having fun. As

  6. Well, if you are retreating, at least it's on the top of a very high mountain. That would be an excellent hike.

    Keep your chin up. I am thinking of you!!!

  7. Have you checked out getting a light box yet? I would think that the contrast between island home in the sun and island home in the fog would be great enough to trigger some serious SAD.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog - I am so relieved that it's "only" diabetes and not something else. The last person I knew with my symptoms is dead now because her's turned out to be an especially agressive leukemia. Diabetes I can live with!

    Now go get you a box, girl!

  8. Hugs to ya. Hope you're well.
    Drop me an email anytime girl.


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