Monday, 21 January 2008

Day 99

Thanks for all your kind and supportive comments. My honey bought me a dawn simulator last week for my birthday and I am hoping that it will help my mood.

It's a bedside lamp that slowly wakes you up by increasing the light intensity over a 30 minute period so it feels like you're waking up with sunlight on your face. There are various sound settings like birds, running water or a radio that you can choose to accompany the light if you want to and they also start off softly and increase over the 30 minute period. I love this thing. It has made waking up so much easier and more pleasant. In addition you can also use the light for light therapy. I'm trying to sit by it as much as I can. Apparently it takes anywhere from one day to two weeks to feel the effects of light therapy. I hope it works.

In other news, my food is not too good. My sponsor didn't work out. I am at day 99 and haven't been making much progress towards my weight loss goals so I need to find another sponsor quickly and get things back on track.


  1. What a fantastic idea!! Makes me want to go get one.

  2. Keep your head up! You look amazing! You have to look in the mirror every day and tell yourself that.

  3. Hurray! I really hope your light helps. If and when my stepson moves back to the Pacific Northwest, I will BUY him one so that he won't do the downward spiral back into depression-land.

    I hope you find a new sponsor - you deserve the best... the best support, the best food, the best feeling about yourself and your health. Remember - this isn't something you HAVE to do, it's something you WANT to do.

  4. The light machine sounds lovely. I am lucky I wake up that way daily naturally. There are advantages to living in the bush I guess. My food is up the shit as well. Hope you start to feel better soon.


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