Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Day 90

Things went well today food, exercise and water wise and I'm feeling great. It's wonderful talking to my sponsor every morning, the conversation is short and sweet and helps me to start my day on the right foot. I'm supposed to be attending GA meetings but there are only three in London and the times don't work for me, so I dial into the GA international telephone meetings when I get the chance. It's amazing how many people are doing this program all over the world. They were approximately 200 people on the line - mostly from the USA but also from Iceland, Latvia, Israel, Mexico ... it's incredible.

One of the things that I heard a few people saying is that they don't eat no matter what. What they mean is that they stick to their food plan and don't give into food temptations. Now when I feel vaguely tempted by some food, I hear this voice in my head saying I don't eat no matter what.

1 apple
56g cheese
1 liter H2O

120g tofu
120 g beets
240g salad
1 tbls. dressing
1/2 liter H2O

120 g fish
240g beans
360g salad
1 tbls olive oil
2 tbls. dressing
1/2 liter H2O

Water: 2 liters (YEAH!!!)
Exercise: 40 min elliptical trainer


  1. "Mostly from the USA..."? How is it even remotely possible that there is a weightloss program here in the states that I'd never even heard of until you started talking about it????

    It sounds like you and your sponsor are off to a good start - congratulations on finding a good fit!

  2. Glad things are sorting themselves out for you. GS sounds like a great plan because I'm a Black and White person, I have to be on something 100%,(bordering on "anal") straight down the line to get any results.


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