Monday, 4 February 2008

Day 86

So I made it through a week on the GS food plan. Yeah!!! I have noticed how planning my meals and eating fresh fruit, veggies and healthy proteins always leaves me feeling physically better - clearer, more energised and more productive.

It is hard though because I have committed to not putting anything in my mouth without weighing and measuring it and I can't have even one drop of sugar or agave. I don't like artificial sweeteners so that leaves me with stevia if I want to sweeten my yogurt. I'm not wild about stevia because to me it has a bitter aftertaste but it's all I've got right now and at least it isn't toxic.


1 apple
180 g yogurt
30g soy grains
1/2 liter H2O

120g tofu
120g beets
240g salad
1 tbls. dressing
1/2 liter H2O

60g cheese
240 cabbage
360g salad
1 tbls oil
2 tbls. dressing
1/2 liter H2O


  1. Yay for staying on the program for one week. The planning process definately helps and I think if you get that right everything else falls into place. It does for me anyway.

    I have been using Stevia in liquid form as well lately, it certainly is a much better option that the artifical sweetners.

  2. Most of those artificial sweeteners have a very strong after-taste. I cannot say that I like any of them, but I am not sure if I have tried Stevia.


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