Sunday, 23 March 2008

Day 37

Yesterday I climbed Jugurtha's Table. I know it looks quite small in this photo I borrowed from some site on the web, but trust me it was a massive undertaking that almost killed me. Okay, so I exaggerate ... it just left me winded and exhausted with jumpy muscles but completely exhilarated that I'd attempted such a thing.
Of course the whole thing was James's idea. He loves heights as much as I hate them and wanted to go up. The nice thing about our relationship is that we push each other past our comfort zones frequently. I thought we were just going to see the darn thing and when he suggested we climb to the top I thought he was joking. Nevertheless, I agreed, we did it and I have to pictures from the top to prove it. My pedometer doesn't record steps or climbing just strides, but in addition to the climb to the top and back, we walked 7 miles = aound 11 kilometers yesterday. Not bad eh?
To answer your question Sayre, last year I did some volunteer work teaching English as a second language, to a group of women from various countries in the Muslim world. The women all had children going to a primary school in East London and the school dedicated a room for a few mornings a week for parents who wanted to learn English to have free classes. As the women and I became close, I learnt a great deal about them and their countries of origin, and developed a desire to know more. As James and I are enthusiastic globe trotters anyway, we decided to start covering some of the countries those women are from. Unfortunately the country we wanted to got to Algeria is not quite safe for Western travellers so we chose it's neighbour instead. I'll write a little more generally about Tunisia when I get back.
Anyway, today was the most trying day regarding food. We arrived in a new town this afternoon and stumbled across an amazing bakery. Of course I went in, drolled all over the pastries and talked poor James (who had little interest) into buying some so that I could live vicariously through him. They're pretty tiny so he'll taste each one and tell me what it's like. For those of you who did not know that I'm a very sick puppy, here's the evidence. LOL!!! With all the exercise and keeping on track with my food, my clothes have been loosening up plenty. Hopefully that's incentive enough to keep me on track.


  1. What a neat idea! How many other countries (besides Algeria) are you looking at visiting eventually?

    Great work on the walking and climbing!!! I wonder if I could do a climb like that these days? I'd say that you could maybe split something with James - ONE time. With all the exercise you're getting it might be okay - unless it triggers a serious backslide, in which case I'd say - JUST SAY NO!

    Sounds like a wonderful trip!

  2. I enjoyed your post on Sally's blog so thought I would come visit. I am purusing it and your life is exciting & interesting. Thanks for sharing it!

    I agree with you about our spouses/partners helping us to go beyond our comfort zones. With love anything is possible ... I think we can make quantum leaps. Go for it! :-)

  3. You have a lot of self-control. When I find an amazing new bakery I usually buy the pastries and tell the others how good they were...


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