Friday, 28 March 2008

Day 32

We have now covered the North of Tunisia and are in the South making our way to the Sahara. So far the trip has been just amazing with many wonderful experiences. Will elaborate later.

My food and exercise continue to be excellent and I must say that food has now ceased to be a priority, which is a FIRST for me. Earlier in the week this was not the case. Each day we went into the supermarket, I was tortured by all the new sweets available that I'd never get to try. James refused to sample anymore stuff for me, so I found a unique way to channel my desire to sample everything.

I bought all the chocolates and sweets that I wanted to try and keep them in a big bag in the car and every time we stop in a village I treat the kids I meet to chocolates and sweets. The joy and suprise on their faces is quite priceless and their joy seems to satisfy and remove my desire for the sweets.

E.g. Today, we stopped at a crossroads to check our map and there were two of the cutest little children playing by the side of the road while their mother tended sheep in a field. I called them over and gave them some lollipops and they were so delighted they ran off to show their mother who waved at us. I will never forget that look in their eyes of such absolute surprise and delight. I have spend much of my life stuffing myself with sweets for one reason or another, but for so many children in this country, not to mention the world, sweets are a rare and precious treat.

Somehow being engaged with the life around me and enjoying the people and the country has displaced food as center stage in my life. I know it won't last but it is great while it does.

P.S. Sayre, my students came from Ethiopia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, India (particularly Gujarar), Pakistan, Bangledesh, Serbia and Algeria. As you can see most are war torn countries and many of the women thought not all were refugees. I had a wonderful year with them and learnt a lot. They taught me about their countries, brought me dishes to sample (sometimes whole meals that fed James and I for days) and taught me many Arabic words. James and I went to Morroco last year (which was just FABULOUS) and are still deciding which country to tackle next year.


  1. Your self control is admirable, I would want to try everthing.

    I really liked your idea with giving the sweets out to the children. I also enjoy giving rather than receiving and I think those children will remember your kind gesture. It dosen't take much to brightens someone's life and it's really a win win situation dont you think.

  2. You should try Turkey next. I have family that was posted there back in the 50s and other family that has gone there on vacation. All have fond memories. I don't know what it's like now, but then it was apparently enchanting.

    I don't think I could even ride in the car with sweets like that. My nose is so keen that I would smell them even in the wrappers and be driven crazy...

  3. Are those your feet in the photo? They are very pretty!!

  4. Well, how's the trip going? (As she taps her feet) lol!


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