Thursday, 3 April 2008

Day 24

I have a rash all over my face, I was constipated for a week then had a severe bout of diarrhea and vomiting for one day, but I'm still standing and doing very well food and exercise wise (except for the day I was ill in bed, I've been clocking an average of 5miles/7kilometers per day) ... and I am having the time of of life.

Since I last wrote we have been visiting Southern Tunisia. Such a great contrast with the north. Where the north is lush and green with soft rolling hills and fertile valleys, the south is arid and inhospitable with bare jagged mountains of stone and scrubby vegetation. The Sahara was just incredible. Took my breath away. It was everything I'd dreamt it would be and more. Will definitely be returning there for a longer visit.

We spent the last few days in a gorgeous seaside town on the Mediterranean coast of Tunisia and are now heading back to Tunis where we will be winding down out trip and flying home to London.

When I get back I will write an email or two covering the highlights of our trip with photos.


  1. So sorry you've been sick!!! That usually puts a damper on a vacation, but it sounds like you've bounced back just fine.

    Can't wait to read what's next and see pictures!

  2. Sorry to hear about the sickness, but I am jealous of your trip. It sounds wonderful.


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