Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Day 49

This video blew me away. It is a testimony to what one can do when one is seriously committed. It made me realise how much I have been pissing around over the past 7 months minus 46 days since I started my mission to lose weight and that makes me mad at myself.

It's one thing to talk the talk but another thing to walk the walk and I feel likeI'm coming out of a fog of denial or something and have to face the truth that if I don't develop some consistency where the food, water and exercise are concerned, I'm not going to get to my goal. I'm going to keep spinning my wheels in the mud. Yo-yoing between losing and regaining the same few kilos. So no more messing about and making excuses for me. The time is NOW.

Had a great work out on the elliptical this morning and had my water. It's a wonderful way to start the day out in the fresh air listening to the birds and watching nature come alive in the garden. Amazingly the 1/2 hr does fly while I'm communing with nature. We have a bunch of free weights sitting next to the elliptical out on the balcony and when we get back from Tunisia, I'm going to add them to my routine.

The woman in this video started weight watchers in February 2, 2002 at 222lbs//100kgs. and 12 months later in January, 2003 she had lost 102bls/46kgs. to weigh in at 120lbs/55kgs. at 5ft.3in/ 162.50cm (my height).

She has maintained her weight loss for 5 years by:
1. Continuing to stay on a food plan
2. Writing down her food everyday without fail
3. Exercising he butt off.

Watch and be inspired.

Lesson of the day, month, year, decade, century: CONSISTENCY IS KEY!!!

32 oz /940ml H2O

120 g cottage cheese
1 apple
16 oz/470ml H2O

120 g fish
120 g beets
240 g salad
1 tbls dressing
16 oz/470ml H2O

240 g yogurt
30 g wheat germ
360 g salad
3 tbls dressing
16 oz/470ml H2O

Exercise - 1/2 hour on the elliptical trainer
H2O -
80 ounces/2.36liters


  1. What an inspiration! I've kind of slacked off on recording everything and I really need to get back to it. I have noticed that my weight loss slowed down after the first 13 lbs - though I haven't really been eating any more than I was and I still don't do sugar - my exercise kind of slacked off because of work, then illness. Gotta get back to that as soon as I can breathe without feeling my ribs trying to break.

    So, you're 5'3"? I'm actually taller than you!!!! Which is weird because I'm not taller than most people - I'm 5'4 1/2". If I lost all my extra weight, I'd be tiny! You too!

    RYC: America has made some serious strides in desegregation, but I live in the South and there are areas that are "traditionally" black (or whatever the PC word is now). The neighborhood I drive through is one of those. The rest of town is pretty mixed though. The South has kind of held on to the last vestiges of racial segregation - but I honestly don't know who's doing the holding on. There are what I call "professional black men" around - people who make BEING black their profession. I find it extremely odd. I truly hope that one day the whole world looks through the eyes of my son, who doesn't really register a person's skin color except as a descriptor - like having blue eyes or red hair.

    A lot of Fun Monday participants had Gone with the Wind quotes, but that one always kind of stuck with me. The whole thing (refreshing your memory) was one of the "lesser darkies" calling out "Quittin' time!" and Big Sam says to him, "I's de foreman. I say when it's quittin' time." Then he raises his hand up and yells, "Quittin' time!!!!" I have that whole conversation in my head when it's time to go home from work.

    Yes, I'm a little odd.

  2. WOW, what a story. I was astounded at her 11,000 calories a day comsumption. I probably have hit that myself in the past and quite frankly I would be ashamed if I had.

    Your post hit a chord with me, so true, and I will be using this as my mantra - consistancy is the key!!!

  3. This is an excellent post. If I get my finger out now I could look so different by Christmas.


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