Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Day 48

Last night, the students from my last class of the day took me to the pub for a drink. They were very pleased with the class and wanted to show their appreciation. Personally, I would have preferred if they'd showed their appreciation by buying me a yacht ... okay, okay, I'm just kidding ;P

It was a class I really enjoyed teaching and I was very happy that they'd enjoyed it as well. They felt they'd learned a lot and ended the class feeling enthusiastic and motivated.

They wanted me to drink the whole pub and I didn't want to drink anything. To begin with I'm not a drinker ... of anything except Plus (Barbadian drink) ... and I just don't get alcohol. I think it's highly over rated and right up there with among the worse tasting things on earth (though I have to admit that when I lived in France there were a couple of wines I tasted that I would classify as delicious).

Anyway, where was I? Right. On such occasions, I normally have a shandy which is a mixture of beer and lemonade (heavy on the lemonade, light on the beer) and not a bad drink at all, but my food plan doesn't do alcohol, so I was left to choose between seltzer and diet coke. :( I went for the diet coke and boy was it HORRID. Left a nasty aftertaste on my tongue. Uck!!! Anyway, I just focused on the conversation and had a really nice evening.

Have to get some travel stuff today for the trip. This probably falls under the category of tooooo much information, but check out this nifty little invention that I MUST have. Where was this for most of my life? LOL!!!

32 oz /940ml H2O

120 g cottage cheese
1 apple
16 oz/470ml H2O

180 g yogurt
15 g tvp
30 g w.g
240 g salad
1 tbls dressing
16 oz/470ml H2O

120 g tempeh
240 g zucchini
360 g salad
1 tbls butter
2 tbls dressing
16 oz/470ml H2O

Exercise - 1 hour brisk walking - 9,000 steps
H2O -
80 ounces/2.36liters


  1. in the dishwasher???? OMG I couldn't bring myself to put that thing in with my plates and cutlery!! lol

    Good idea tho. Not sure that my body would be able to use it. When I was in hospital with my broken leg I had to pee lying down on a commode and I just couldn't do it. I was fully busting but my body just wouldn't let me pee unless I was sitting on a toilet. Ok enough of that subject ... on with breakfast ;)

  2. What a great idea! How to pee is one of the reasons I'm not crazy about hiking/camping. Squatting just isn't in the cards sometimes.

    Good job on the pub. Diet Coke can leave an aftertaste - especially if it's a fountain drink. Perhaps some lemonade and seltzer water would have worked?

  3. That is hilarious. Just think about what the person in the next stall will think when she sees the direction of your feet and hears you peeing. I love the suggestion of using it the car with a bottle. Although, they should have a warning: DO NOT USE WHILE DRIVING! Now women can write their name in the snow too.

    Sorry, I hope I am not being offensive. I can see that it would come in handy...but you got to admit it lends itself to a bit of humor.

  4. Ha ha ha - now Nona dont tell me you can't pee standing up?? I used to be able to shoot 10ft! Only kidding, a good invention though but please don't wash it in the dishwasher - brings a new light to "Golden Showers".

  5. LMAO!!! Thanks for making me laugh !!! All your comments were just too funny!!! Here's some more info you probably don't want to know. Teeeheee!!!

    My outings have always been ruined by my inability to handle squat peeing while out in nature. Somehow I ALWAYS end up peeing down my leg and straight into my socks and shoes :( but now I'M THE WOMAN ... or is that ... man. LMAO!!!

  6. ROFL ! Nona, it's all about the leg placement. Think like an ostrich!


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