Thursday, 6 March 2008

Day 54

Boy, time is sure flying. It's almost the end of term here and not a moment too soon. I often get really tired of the exchange involved in teaching after doing so for 10 weeks straight.

I actually have nothing to complain about though because I only teach part time and spend the rest of my time in my studio trying to create art ... an equally exhausting endeavour but a different exhaustion from teaching. Mind you the teaching exhaustion is a small price to pay for the experience of meeting and interacting with an ever changing array of fascinating people of all ages, nationalities, ethnicities and walks of life.

Anyway, my food continues to be great but still no exercise or water in sight. I really need to start making the effort but ... I'm busy ... yeah that's it ... I'm too busy to drink water ... not to mention exercise. LOL!!!

In other news my honey and I are flying to Tunisia (north Africa) next weekend for a three week vacation. We plan to cover Tunisia from stem to stern. I have been fascinated with the Sahara desert from the time I was a little girl and first saw pictures of it. Last year we went to Morocco (also north Africa) but did not get the chance to visit the desert. This year we plan to spend almost a week there. I'm salivating just thinking of it.

Here's what I'm eating today.
180 g yogurt
120 g milk
240 g pineapple

120 g tofu
120 g beets
240 g salad
1 tbls oil

60 g cheese
240 g cabbage
360 g salad
1 tbls butter
2 tbls dressing


  1. Your trip to morocco sounds great. Your job sounds wonderful as well. Too busy to drink water - that just sounds funny :)

  2. Wow - what an adventure you have ahead of you! Three weeks!

    So, what do you teach? And what medium do you work with for your art? Do you have examples you can show us? I am always interested in stuff like that...

    Back to the trip - do you try to eat normally or do you go native wherever you are? I find eating while traveling to be a bit of a challenge since I don't always know what it is, exactly, that I'm eating. When that happens, I spend A LOT of time walking!

  3. Healthy Mummy :) thanks for visiting.

    Sayre, when I travel I usually sample everything and anything that doesn't contain meat or poultry, because food is such a large part of culture. However, this time I'm sticking to foods that fit into my food plan only because it's more important for me right now to keep on track with my weight loss goals than to sample local cuisine. The big upside is that I'll be getting plenty of exercise.

    I teach Visual Arts at a College here and my own work is in the form of mixed media hangings, artist books and photographs. When I get my own computer again in a few months I may put up a few pieces.

  4. Your holiday sounds great, remember to post some pictures for us "virtual" holiday makers.

    Good plan with the food by the way (when your aay)


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