Friday, 29 February 2008

Day 60

I've been quite busy this week and haven't been able to get on to my honey's computer to blog or visit.

I have been eating perfectly for over 30 days now and though I haven't been getting much exercise or drinking enough water, I feel really great.

I did weigh on the 27th January and weighed 82kgs/180lbs. I was quite surprised, I thought I would have weighed less. I now think it was a mistake not to have weighed in January when I started the program. Perhaps, I put on more weight at Christmas than I'd thought. In any case it is nice to be back to my pre-christmas weight and I can tell I've loss inches because I'm now wearing a UK14/US12 comfortably. I'll press on and try to increase my exercise and water in March.


  1. My guess is that if your clothes are feeling loser than you probably have lost a little more than your pre christmas.

    I find exercise hard to get in. Just don't have the time .. yeah I know excuses, excuses! :) 30days on track is fantastic!!

  2. Exercise and water will go a long way towards helping you drop more weight. I was terrified to get on the scales after Christmas, so I put it off until I felt more comfortable in my clothes. I don't know how much I've actually lost above and beyond the numbers I've seen on the scale.

    Congratulations on reaching the one month mark of being good. I wish I could string that many days together!!!

  3. Thanks for your words of encouragement - I think I will look into GS here in Aus land.

    I agree with Lynn , your clothes are probably a better indicator than the scales. Keep up the good work it will pay off in the end.


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