Monday, 21 April 2008

Day 6

One of the things I found quite remarkable about Tunisia was their doors. From the most humble dwelling to the most elaborate, businesses and homes alike, the doors were often spectacular.

As we crisscrossed the country we soon realised that the doors not only seem to reflect the personality or taste of the owner, but also the region of the country we were in.

In addition, many of the doors and windows in Tunisia are blue because Tunisians believe that the colour brings good luck and wards off evil.

Here are a few examples selected from various areas of the country, starting with one of my favourites:

In other news, food, exercise and water were great today. Starting yesterday, I set myself the goal of walking a minimum of 10,000 steps per day this week. I am pleased to say that yesterday I walked 14, 273 steps or a total of 9kilometers/5.63miles and today I walked 17, 370 steps for a total of 11kilometers/6.85miles.

In order to reach my goal I have been walking instead of taking the bus or getting off the bus early and completing my journey on foot. It looks as though it takes me about an hour to walk 10,000 steps, so I have to factor in extra time for travel. I'll do this for a week and see how it works out.

1 apple
60 g cheese

240 g yogurt
120 g beets
240 g salad
1 tbls dressing

120 g tofu
120 g beets
360 g salad
3 tbls dressing

H2O = 1.4 ltrs = 6 cups


  1. I love the doors! I think my favorite was the blue one with all the vines growing around it and up the wall (blue window above).

    I need to get a pedometer (and make sure ZBoy doesn't wash it) and get walking. I can do that at lunch and put in a good 45 minutes right there!

  2. The doors are great, is there any significance in the designs?

    Wow on your steps,I remember many moons ago when I had a 2km walk every day from the train station to my first job,which I practically ran as I didn't want to be late. Looking back it was the best thing for me - I was a size 12 then as well!!

  3. Wow! those are some elaborate piece of art. It must have been amazing to see them in person.

  4. Cool doors!!! You have a great eye for photography!!


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