Friday, 18 April 2008

Day 9

A few days after I got back from Tunisia, I shaved my head ... well actually James shaved my head ... and seemed to get a really kick out of doing so.

Why did I have James shave my head? Well, there isn't really any one answer ... more like several answers.

Firstly, I got the idea from seeing pictures of different ethnic groups in African, where the women wore shaved heads and the men wore long dreadlocks ... COOOOL I though, an inversion of the Western norm ... I can dig that.

So, I tried it when I first lost weight many years ago and thought wow, this is so freeing, so practical, so low maintenance, so cost effective and ... ummm, it's a slightly androgynous look which I thought/think best describes me (This from the girl who just bought this HAVE TO HAVE stereotypical girly phone.)

Anyway, back to the point at hand. I guess the bottom line is I wear my hair like this when I feel best about myself and I'm feeling pretty good just about now ... It's spring ... not that you would know it from the weather in London (yes, it actually snowed last week), work's going well, I'm 10 kilos closer to my goal than I was last August, and I'm beginning to feel the kind of confidence in my body that I've only felt when I was thin.

I know that I promised photos from Tunisia, I've been quite busy with several projects and hadn't had the time to sort through the oodles of photographs from the trip.

Last night though I stayed up really late and was able to put them into some rough categories. So starting from Monday, in celebration of the last 7 days on my food and exercise plan that started back in August of last year, I'll write a post everyday and apart from food and exercise updates, I'll add some photos from my trip in the following categories and order:

*Tunisian Doors - They have the most remarkable doors I've ever seen
*People - Met such lovely people
*Landscape - Incredibly varied and beautiful
*Accommodations - Also incredibly varied
*Culture - Don't have nearly enough photos in this category but ...
*History - Very interesting ruins all over the country
*Miscellaneous - There's always a miscellaneous, isn't there?

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Wow - you look amazing with your head shaved!!! I wish I could pull that off. I've threatened it several times (it's HOT here and long hair is HOT), but I also know from pictures that I have a funny looking head, so the effect of me shaving it would look more like chemo treatments rather than that very sexy, exotic thing you've got going there!

    When I feel good about myself, I tend to do more for myself. I buy shampoo I really like, or get my hair cut or permed. I don't buy clothes (I hate doing that under the best of circumstances), but I tend to fix up my surroundings a bit. I recently bought a new bed comforter and shams, plus a decorative pillow(!) and totally changed the look of my bedroom. It looks almost spa-like in its new bedclothes. And it's a joy to go to sleep and wake up there.

    Looking forward to your photos!!! Pictures in a book just don't see a place like pictures from someone who's BEEN THERE.

  2. It looks wonderful Nona!! Very sexy I think. I would love to shave my head, but have such an ugly shape.... you have this beautiful skin that just highlights your pretty face.
    I am so proud of you.. and happy that you and James are happy.
    I still check in with you daily.
    Lots of Love

  3. I absolutely LOVE your hair like that. It is just stunning and very sexy. I am glad to hear you are feeling good about yourself because you look amazing. It is funny how when we feel good about ourselves we start treating ourselves better and doing nice things for ourselves.

  4. Love it!!

    I see a very strong woman who is comfortable within herself and her world.

    Looking forward to visiting Tunisia through your posts next week.

  5. You look absolutely beautiful! I'm back. Just catching up.

  6. Thank you ladies for your generous compliments. Can feel my shaved head growing. ;P

  7. I sort of missed this one, I was not sure what to post. I shave my head too, and it feels good. It is hard to explain, but it is like being born again (though not quite)!

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